Somebody Made 3D Printed Cat Armor!

November 4, 2015

6:00 pm

Print That Thing maker, and designer, Jwall recently showed us that the boundaries of what we can 3D-print are only limited by our imaginations. You see, he wanted to do something special for his cat on Halloween this year, so he got to designing a CAD model for some cat armor. That’s right, armor for his cat – it looks totally bad ass.

Jwall designed the armor to both look cool and retain some semblance of functionality. For example, there’s a hole to attach a leash alongside a name tag ring on the chest plate. He even went so far as to put a cat nip holder on the front of the battle armor to perk up your cats. My favorite design feature is that the entire suit consists of only 18 parts, which can either be fixed together via the 3D printer or with brass fittings. Further, Jwall made the armor schematics available on Thingiverse so you can download it and gear your own cat up.









Now, if you’re thinking the suit isn’t complete without a helmet, you’re not alone. In fact, Jwall took a page from the Local Motors book of cocreation and collaboration to call upon the community for submissions. Anybody who wants to design a helmet to match this epic suit of armor can post their ideas to any of the site’s social media accounts. Jwall and his cat Bobo will be picking the winning submission themselves, and the winner will get an entire suit of 3D printed armor along with the helmet.

Check out the video and be prepared to not work for the rest of the day while you design the new helmet:

Image Credit: Print That Thing’s video

(H/T 3ders)

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