4 Accessories to Take Your iPhone to the Next Level

October 22, 2015

9:16 am

Manufacturers have been developing new accessories for all smartphone models every day and, of course, one of the most popular and used smartphones could not be left out: the iPhone. In fact, Apple’s smartphone is most likely the one with the greatest amount of accessories, not to mention the multitude of cases and other protections that exist today, built with designs and materials of all kinds.

So, for all those who like to use their iPhones with various accessories, this is an article to be read until the very end – let’s get to know four essential accessories that will breed new life to an iPhone.

Selfie stick


Surely everyone saw this one coming. The selfie is surely one of the biggest and most successful social trends in history, and the selfie stick is an important part of it, as it enlarges the frame and allows for more people or more landscape to be captured. According to Alynah Patel, CEO of Selfie Stick Gear, “selfie sticks are the perfect example of how a social media trend [selfies] can turn a simple object in a case of huge market success”.

Guitar Sidekick


Do you like to play guitar? All your music is on your iPhone, and you  cannot look at the screen while playing? Then know that your problem just is solved, because Castiv has the perfect accessory: Guitar Sidekick. It works like a clamp that attaches to the instrument and has a support for you to put your iPhone.

Ultra Thin BumperLicious Case


The Ultra Thin BumperLicious Case is an amazing case, with a simple and amazing design and a crystal clear back plate, which is great to keep showing iPhone’s beauty, without actually hiding it. They cover the device’s buttons but keep them perfectly responsive and functional, also being compatible with most regular accessories. These cases are designed for iPhone 6 and 6S, both the regular and Plus models.



Presented as the “world’s smallest laser presenter for the iPhone” (while also working with iPad and iPod touch), the iPin is a device that fits almost completely inside the headphone minijack. Together with the app, this gadget allows for an easy way to point during slideshow presentations, and it is always by your side.

What do you think about these four iPhone accessories? Let us know in the comments.

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