4 Of The Best Productivity Apps for Business

May 5, 2016

9:00 pm

Mobile devices have fundamentally changed the business landscape, there’s no doubt. But when preparing a mobile app suite, navigating the plethora of programs available to find the best option can be challenging. Using this list of four must-have productivity apps for Android devices, find out how you can turbocharge your business on the go.


With the rise of the modern workplace, that emphasizes remote working over traditional offices, can bring about the unforseen issue of properly sharing files across a team that’s more than a few miles from each other. From your desktop at work to your laptop at home, you need the ability to easily move documents, spreadsheets, and other important items across several devices. Enter Dropbox, a free web service allowing you to upload and download files across different platforms. Although the free version has a storage limit, expansions and other services are available for reasonable fees.

Foursquare for Business

The Foursquare app helps users with smart devices “check in” to locations, using rewards such as mayoralties and badges as incentives. Foursquare can also help businesses encourage their customers to provide personal information such as e-mail addresses in exchange for discounts and membership in loyalty programs. Businesses can use Foursquare for Business to manage their customers’ Foursquare experience. In addition to allowing businesses to offer discounts and other premiums, Foursquare for Business provides retailers with valuable analytic data to help them track customers’ arrivals and feedback.


Complicated apps are all well and good, but some situations call for a quick, easy way to take notes or organize content. The Microsoft OneNote, available across a range of platforms, allows users to share notes across a range of tech tools. Even better, notes made using OneNote can incorporate other forms of content such as video and text to help users create even better lists and media.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer relationships management (CRM) is an increasingly important part of modern businesses. Serving customers well can be a complicated task requiring the coordination of numerous departments and the deployment of a wide range of talent. CRM software provides its users with analytic and communications tools that help bring about the coordination needed for success. Microsoft Dynamics CRM moves customer and marketing data among different platforms to help give every team member the right information on the devices that suit his or her needs at any given time, helping users personalize the customer experience in new and exciting ways.

As smart devices make inroads in every part of the business environment, companies must adapt if they hope to succeed in a changing business economy. Remember — prioritizing your device strategy early can earn you long-term business rewards.

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