The 4 Cities Most Likely to Get Drone Alcohol Delivery

April 1, 2015

8:48 pm

Yesterday, we wrote about SoCo 2Go, a new alcohol delivery service program launched by Southern Comfort that will utilize drones to deliver bottles of its recently launched Caramel Comfort. Since its announcement, we at Tech.Co have been contemplating the initial cities in which the beta service will operate. Based on varying factors, we’ve predicted that four cities are likely to be the first to test out SoCo 2Go’s drone alcohol delivery services.

Southern Comfort has its own way of determining which cities it will select to pilot the program; since making the announcement yesterday, people from across the country have expressed interested in the program, submitting their local ZIP codes to the SoCo 2Go website. Keeping track on these responses, Southern Comfort is currently featuring a heat map showing the areas where they’ve seen the most demand for SoCo 2Go. According to the SoCo 2Go heat map, it seems that four cities are currently in the lead: Louisville, KY; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; and Los Angeles, CA.

soco-2go-mapThese cities seem to be perfectly fine places to launch a drone alcohol delivery service, but we have our predictions for the four cities most likely to get SoCo 2Go. Based on extensive research (that is to say: not very much), we think that the following four cities may be the first to test out Southern Comfort’s SoCo 2Go program:

1. Louisville, KY

Yes, it matches SoCo 2Go’s heat map, but we do have our own reasoning for believing that SoCo 2Go will select Louisville as one of its first beta cities. Primarily: that’s where Southern Comfort is based. That’s really our only reason; although, it’s arguably the strongest argument we have on this list.

2. Boulder, CO

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize marijuana, because of this we expect that the state wouldn’t be opposed to letting drones fly around and deliver alcohol. What makes Boulder special is its active startup scene, with regular events like Boulder Startup Week and top resources like Techstars Boulder. The city’s also got the University of Colorado Boulder. Startup folk and college kids are great markets for SoCo 2Go.

3. Portland, OR

While the city of Portland has become notorious for hipsters, the state of Oregon is one of the drunkest in the country. The state ranks third in terms of number of wineries, fifth in distilleries, and 13th in bars per capita. On average, Oregonians each consume 2.65 gallons of alcohol per year.

4. Las Vegas, NV

One of the first states to get FAA approval for drone testing, of course we had to have Las Vegas on the list. Plus, aside from the obvious tourism and gambling industries, the city has become a prime ecosystem for startups. Again, so much market potential if SoCo 2 Go were to choose Las Vegas as one of its initial cities.

Of course, nothing is for sure – we have yet to hear from Southern Comfort on which cities it will choose for the SoCo 2Go program. Keep checking in on the SoCo 2Go site and find out! Enjoy the rest of April Fools’!

This article is a paid placement by SoCo 2Go.

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