4 of the Coolest New Security Startups

April 14, 2014

4:30 pm

From your Internet history to public records, it’s hard to know what it is you need to be concerned about on the World Wide Web. The answer is: All of it. You can never be too safe when it comes to your online presence.

While we’re (almost) always paying attention to the latest news in the tech world, there are more developments than we can possibly know about: New startups, new ways of tracking our information, etc. And since we’re frequently updating our social media profiles and websites, there’s more about us out there than ever before.

Don’t start to panic, though: Here is a compiled list of some of the best online security startups out there today. You’ll want to check them out for your business or personal use.

In the Cloud

We’re all about the cloud these days, and mobile security startup Armor5 recognizes that. Their self-proclaimed “Zero Touch Cloud Security” keeps all of your data safe with no software required. So how exactly does that work? According to their site, your data, apps, and all content is instantly accessible and runs solely through the cloud. All users can connect within the cloud, and you can log and monitor all of your activity. The Santa Clara-based company has only been around since 2012, but its qualified founders (who have previously been tied to big names like Yahoo) believe their product is great for protecting your business’s most important information while utilizing cross-cloud analytics.

Military-Level Security

Leave it to former members of Israeli intelligence agencies to find a new solution to computer hacker attacks. Cyberreason, founded in 2012 but only recently taken out of stealth mode, has taken a proactive approach to online security, calling upon the tactics of top security analysts. The Windows-based software looks for early signs of malicious activity, known as Malops, and tackles the problem early on with constant monitoring.  It tracks the activity and runs it through algorithms, and even reconstructs the attacks in order to understand the mentality and actions of the hackers better. Their slogan, “Detect. Visualize. Terminate.” sums up their hard-and-fast mentality, and is explained in more depth on their website, in order to help users truly understand their unique process.

Ever Adapting

You can’t catch someone if you don’t know what they look like, right? This is the idea behind Shape Security’s ShapeShifter. With their technique of real-time polymorphism – adapted from the very malware it’s meant to protect you against – your code is constantly changing, and attacks against default-scripted code are virtually impossible. The physical device scans your website’s interface on its own, and determines what needs to be protected. Google Ventures has become just one of their numerous investors, and the self-proclaimed “First Botwall” is already well on its way, despite having only just publicly launched this year.

First Responders

Despite everything that you might do to protect your information, not every attack can be stopped. So what do you do when it happens to you? If you have Co3 Systems’ Incident Response Management software installed, there’s very little work involved on your part. Their security product works to cut through the red tape and initiate an immediate and thorough response following your security breach. Their method is fairly straightforward: Prepare for anything by running simulations and altering procedures as needed; Assess and log any incidents that occur in order to fine-tune the process; Manage these procedures and construct a plan that fits the situation; Mitigate the final results in order to learn from them further.

The online theft of your information is a huge problem, both online and off, and will continue to be as new threats emerge. With all of the different sites that require us to input our personal and financial information, it’s necessary to take extra measures to protect your information and identity. Look into these startup services to see if they’re right for you.

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