4 Million Facebook Users Will Die This Year, Sanctri Helps us Pay Tribute

November 22, 2013

5:00 pm

On November 21, Sanctri launched their public beta to help users answer the question of what happens to one’s online life after they pass away. According to their statistics, more than 4 million Facebook users will die this year while family and friends are faced with the painful silence of once active profiles.

Sanctri was designed as a new app that is specifically for Facebook users to come together and gracefully pay tribute to their lost loved ones. It goes beyond the ‘like’ button, which can sometimes feel out of place, to build an actual community around a person’s life and memory.

“When someone passes away, we don’t know how to deal with it on Facebook,” says Jono Milner, co-founder of Sanctri. “Some use the profiles as memorials, but soon it feels strange and often inappropriate.”

Users can create social memorials, or Sanctris, where they can collectively paint a picture of a life using words, photos, videos, and music. Additionally, Sactri offers a Lifebook that displays everyone’s contributions.

Aside from memorializing people, Sanctri will also be offering a way for users to pledge positive actions and make charitable donations in the memory of those they have lost. Currently, their communities support 4,000 leading charities in the US and hundreds more around the world.

To Sanctri, it’s natural that these online lives will eventually end, but they still deserve an appropriate online presence. The team believes that a life’s story should be told, pictures should be seen, and memories should be shared.

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