4 Real Time Data Portals to Understand the World’s Dynamics

May 10, 2015

8:00 am

Philippe Perrin, a (now retired) French astronaut for the European Space Agency, once said that “it’s only when you fly above it that you realize how awesome Earth really is”. Chances are that no one reading this article has ever seen Earth as Perrin saw, especially with the three spacewalks he took, but we do not need to in order to realize that such words are 100% true.

And we, humans, give Earth a unique set of dynamics, making this an ever-changing planet. Every minute, a great number of people die, others are born, thousands of dollars are spent on shopping, the environment changes a bit, weather forecasts are updated, and so on.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at four online portals that show us real time data regarding different subjects, like general statistics, consumption, and environment.


The human population is always changing and, with today’s technology, it is not hard to follow those differences. Worldometers is a great site that offers real time data for different categories: “World Population”, “Government & Economics”, “Society & Media” and “Food” are just some examples of them.

A very interesting functionality of this portal is that, for some items, it is possible to choose which time-frame we want to see, like “this year” or “today”.

UK Consumption

Voucherbox has recently launched “UK Consumption in Real Time“, a portal to watch what Britons eat, drink, buy and spend, in real time. From online sales to how much has been spent on curious items like tea, beer, condoms, and even the number of downloaded apps, this portal features a great deal of counters, that can be interesting to watch. It even shows the real time data of the Kingdom’s donations to charities.

USA Wind Map

While this can be really useful for people studying winds, the Wind Map can actually be interesting and even fun to watch for the other people, like you and me. It shows the wind’s speed and direction to the USA’s mainland, in a zoomable map that can actually provide detailed views. And because this map can provide some visually appealing images, prints of it are available for sale.

World’s Air Pollution

The air we breathe is one of the most important factors in our lives, because polluted air can cause diseases and other health issues. That is exactly why a portal showing the World’s Air Pollution is so important, to keep us informed on the quality of the air around us or, for example, in the destination of our next trip. This service even provides detailed maps for a great number of countries and cities, as well as a color code for easier and faster visualization of hazardous areas.

What other similar portals do you know? Let us know in the comments.

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