4 Resume-Boosting Tech Skills Most Likely to Land You a Job

November 28, 2017

9:20 am

The tech sector is seeing plenty of job openings — about one million openings are expected over the next five years — but that doesn’t mean you’ll have an easy time nailing an interview. Not only are the open positions highly localized to big tech hubs like Silicon Valley or Seattle, but interviewers are picky about one major item: Technical ability.

According to both hiring managers and tech workers who were surveyed in a June 2017 study, “not passing the technical bar is the number one reason for why candidates don’t get a job offer.” In other words, if you can master the right skills, you’ll shoot way up on the interviewer’s estimation. Now, thanks to the career advice of Samantha Keefe, Interactive Marketing Manager at AVID Technical Resources, we know which four of those skills a job seeker should beef up on.

Java and Python

Since these languages are constantly rolling out updates, companies hoping to stay on the cutting edge will gravitate towards them. And Keefe goes into a few more reasons in the Glassdoor post that explains these skills, too.

“Secondly, Java and Python are also ideal for companies using cloud-based technologies. Not much more needs to be said here—cloud technologies are the direction everyone wants to head in these days. Lastly, Java and Python are object-oriented development languages. Companies want object-oriented development because it’s more customizable, which has obvious advantages for any company,” she says.

AI/Machine Learning

Another big area of interest: Artificial intelligence. Machine learning techniques are rapidly becoming integral to every industry in some shape and form, and that means that new hires should be familiar with the processes. How big a deal is it?

“In 2017 alone, Forrester noted a trend toward a 300% increase from 2016 in companies’ investments in AI,” Keefe notes.


Going into 2018 as a Sys Admin or a Software Engineer, getting DevOps on your resume will go far as companies attempt to hire for better integration between development and operations.

Mobile Applications

As the online world is increasingly mobile, any company in the tech space needs to keep their mobile presence constantly up to date, and they need someone with up-to-date mobile development skills to do it. Keefe calls out Swift in particular:

“Many companies are moving away from Objective-C and looking for a faster, safer, more dynamic solution. If you have Swift on your resume, this will make you a more desirable candidate.”

In the end, there’s no shortcut to a high-quality tech position. Learning any of the skills on this list will come with hundreds of hours of hard work. But if you focus on the above tech skills, you’ll set yourself up for more success in any future job searches.

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