4 SEO Hacks that Drive Traffic and Increase Conversions

October 1, 2015

8:00 pm

Generating traffic for your website is an important part of growing your online business. Whether you manage the marketing for an e-commerce site, a blog or standard website, there are few key SEO hacks you can utilize to get the ball rolling.

Social Media Campaigns

Generating engagement via social media is an important cornerstone of any SEO campaign. Google has acknowledged that they now factor “social media mentions” into your site’s search engine rankings. So how do you get the attention your company deserves?

  1. Create a Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Profile
  2. Offer raffles and free giveaways to people who follow your pages and Like your content.
  3. Post interesting, engaging content at least 3 times a week.
  4. Communicate and respond to comments / posts to your pages.

Contact Influencers

Draft an informative, succinct form-letter that can quickly be sent out to people who have a reputation in your industry. While an endorsement may be out of the question, asking them to highlight your brand / service in an upcoming YouTube video, blog post or social media post. Offer them free access to your product or service. Your goal is to win them over with your unique value propositions.

Targeted Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

While generating targeted traffic to your site is a direct result of PPC’s, the real value is in having access to Google’s keyword planner. For companies that purchase PPC ads through Google, the amount of data and analytics you receive in return is well worth the price of admission. You can use this information to optimize your entire site with terms that are specific to your niche audience.

Create Targeted Landing Pages that Offer a Solution

Google, Bing and Yahoo pay the most attention to sites that offer their users a solution. If you type “red shoes” into Google, you’ll find results that include the movie “The Red Shoes”, as well as a variety of major shoe retailers. Every link on the first page takes you to a page that solves your problem. You’ll be able to quickly learn about a movie with that title, review the different shoes that are available on the market, and view pictures of red shoes. All of this information is collected from around the internet and presented in an easy to use format.

Your website needs to have individual pages designed to be part of Google’s solution to a searcher’s problem. If you were making a site that sold red shoes, you would need a specific page on your website that had pictures of red shoes, and provided potential shoppers with easily accessible information about the shoes they are interested in.

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