4 Tech Upgrades You Need in Your Home

December 18, 2015

6:00 pm

One sure thing in modern society is that technology progresses. As time passes, engineers and consumer product manufacturers continue to invent new ways for us to shape our environments. Houses are no exception; changes to fixtures and other elements of the home have radically transformed the way our living spaces look. Of course, with so many new options, it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re remodeling your own abode. Below you’ll find a few ideas to get you started.

New Televisions

While a 42-inch HDTV might have been the king of the hill a few years ago, newer TV models have already moved beyond these once-great devices. Nowadays the frontier in television is 4K and even 5K televisions, with resolutions much higher than those of the HD standard. As streaming and broadcast services update the resolution on their transmissions, those seeking to keep pace with the highest image quality will have to upgrade. If you have the money, consider beating the crowd and getting a new screen now.

Home Security

Security systems, once the domain of blocky and obvious cameras, have evolved. Newer models are sleek-looking and easy to conceal, allowing your home security to blend in with the décor, and they interface with wireless devices to make management of the system easier than ever. If your lifestyle puts you outside of your house often, consider purchasing an up-to-date system to safeguard you possessions and loved ones.

Modern Wall Switches

Light switches have come a long way since the days of Edison. In place of the clunky old binary switches, newer lights are controlled with touch-sensitive pads with built-in dimmers, allowing fine control of the lighting in a room. Of course, older buildings may lack such amenities, but a quick set of calls to an electrician and a home fixtures store can remedy that. With the move away from old-style switches, you can truly make your light switches part of your home’s decor.

There’s an App for That

Smart devices like phones and tablets are rapidly changing the way we live our daily lives, putting shopping and information at the tips of our fingers wherever we are and giving us programs to manage our lives. What does this have to do with home improvement? More than you’d think. New apps allow users to manage their homes remotely, adjusting lighting and temperature and even latching locks and setting up automated cleaning through robot vacuums like the Roomba. Poke around in the app store on your device of choice and find new ways to manage your home.

While our homes might not quite look like those on “The Jetsons,” they seem to get closer to that every day. Don’t be left behind by progress. Invest some time and effort in looking into what new technologies can do to build you a more efficient and productive, not to mention happier, living space. After all, nobody wants to be the last person on the block living like a caveman.


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