4 Ways To Grow Your Business With Twitter

September 26, 2015

2:00 pm

Twitter can be an amazing tool to connect with other businesses and clients, increase brand awareness and even score some sales. But at the same time, it may deliver very little ROI and suck out a lot of your time. You can learn to massively grow your business with Twitter with the next four actionable tips.

1. Tweet photos (even if your product isn’t visually appealing)

Twitter had to re-invent itself as a more visual platform as the competition with Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest got tougher.  Now you can tweet short Vine videos (up to six seconds), full-feature images (440 x 220px) and more.  According to Digital Information World, tweets with images receive:

  • 89% more favorites
  • 18% more click-throughs
  • 150% more retweets

But what if I run a business with no appealing pictures to curate? Fret not! Here are some great suggestions to fill in your Twitter and Instagram feed:

  • Quotes. Overlay the text over a beautiful image and add pretty typography with Canva. The trick works great for any industry.
  • Behind-the-scene captures. Everyone loves a good sneak peak. Shoot your office design, your team at work or your meeting with a client to give your account a personal touch.
  • Header photos from your blogs. You do have those in place, right? Preferably with a title on it.
  • Graphs and charts. Add extra value to the data you share by adding a quick graph or chart.
  • Infographic segments. Gauge the interest by tweeting the most interesting part of your recent infographic.
  • Community-created content. Start a hashtag and feature pictures shared by your users. Or run a photo contest or simply ask for submissions and curate the best. In fact, most clients feel flattered when the brand features their contributions.

2.  Join a Twitter Chat

A  Twitter chat is where a group of people congregate on Twitter at a scheduled time, in order to discuss questions provided by a host. The questions are usually geared towards learning and sharing tips within the industry and you are likely to walk away from them learning a thing or two. Plus, most Twitter chats gather a large amount of participants, meaning you can meet new clients, partners and get some extra followers.

Here’s a list of chats and hashtags you may be interested in joining:

Business Development and Inspiration

  • #Mastermind – Held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the months at 8 pm EST.  Topics include business building, branding, marketing and personal development.
  • #smallbizchat – Hosted each Wednesday at 8pm EST by Melinda Emerson (@SmallBizChat). Topics range from finance to customer service.

Marketing Content and Strategy

  • #SEOChat – curated on Tuesdays at 1pm EST by @dan_patterson. Topics: all things search engine optimisation – tips, tricks, trends and more.
  • #CMWorld– hosted by Content Marketing Institute (@SMIContent) each Tuesday at 12 pm EST.

Management and Networking

  • #PMChat – held on Fridays at 12 pm EST. This chat features thoughts and tips on managing people and projects.
  • #pocchat – held on Mondays at 11 am EST.  Main talks delve around leadership and the power and relationships with Bobby Umar and guests.

3.  Curate Content

Twitter no longer serves the purpose of simply sharing your own content over and over again. It’s a great platform to make connections with influencers and gain attention by curating and featuring the work of others.

Curating content is a great way to keep your audience engaged and fill in the gaps in when you produce and promote your own content.  Base your curation strategy on the following principles if you’d like to succeed.

  • Variety: Does the content come from different trusted sources
  • Emphasis: Does the content you curate reinforce your created content?
  • Balance: Does the content you curate come in balance with the content you create yourself?

Having trouble finding enough high-quality content to feature on a daily basis? Here’s a quick guide to help you spend just 10 min a day on curating content.

  1. Create dedicated feeds (six maximum) in your HootSuite account, where you have previous searches, hashtags and lists you follow.
  2. Spend less than 30 seconds scanning each steam. Choose and click through 1-3 articles you found interesting and relevant to your audience. Skim the content, make sure it’s valuable indeed and schedule it for publishing.
  3. Head to BuzzSumo or Topsy. Search for one keyword you that is the most relevant to what you’d like to curate. Refine the search results by the past day/24 hours to see trending content right now.
  4. Choose three posts, scan them and schedule for tweeting if those are good.

4. Pin the best tweets

Another relatively new feature that can work miracles in terms of engagement.  Create a dedicated pin that describes your business/services best and pin it to the top of your feed for max exposure. Rotate the pinned tweets depending on your needs. Got a cool new promotion? Trying to grow your email list? Got a big announcement? Create a special pinned tweet for each.

Featured image: Maryland GovPics//Flickr


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