4 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

October 30, 2017

6:30 pm

The customer experience has been a defining element in the success of any business for as long as the idea that how you sell is as important, if not more, than what you sell. Omnichannel services, a personalized approach to every client and AI solutions, any company that grasps these essentials of the customer experience, is going to dominate the market. Let’s take a look at how you can use tech to improve your CX dramatically.

Efficient Problem Solving

Practice often shows that a customer’s problem that is dealt with in a quick and efficient manner is often perceived as a more pleasant customer experience than if the transaction with your business went without a hitch. That is, the presence of the problem already makes the transaction notable, and your ability to solve it rides on this impression. One of the solutions you may try is an omnichannel service that ensures consistent quality of customer support whenever a client contacts it. One of the most common complaints customers have is the need to repeat their problem to different operators multiple times – you can solve this issue by giving them the necessary knowledge about the client’s issue and previous history of communications before they even get in touch.

Pro-active Customer Support

One of the most significant paradigm shifts we are going through right now is the move from customer service to customer care. Simply put, it means that you should move from reacting to customers’ problems and requests to predicting them. Instead of helping them when they run into an issue, you should make sure to read the situation well enough to prevent an issue from ever arising. Everything goes into play here: from experience personalization by collecting user info and exposing them to offers and suggestions based on prior preferences, to briefing customer service representatives on a particular client’s data so that they have a better understanding of a given situation. A good example is utilizing Twitter to gather possible customer complaints and reacting to them in real-time. According to research by New York University, about 37 percent of all Tweets are in this or that sense customer service related (of about 500 million daily). Using a tool like SupportCenter Plus, you will certainly find something your company can use.

Gather Feedback in Real-Time

The only way to improve your customer experience, in the long run, is to ask clients if they like it – preferably in real-time, immediately after an interaction. Feedback can be gathered using a wide variety of automated tools with minimal expense and inconvenience on both yours and the customer’s part. The most popular method is taking surveys, which can easily be done with tools like SurveyMonkey.

Centralize Knowledge

Make sure any member of the customer service team has the most updated info on the customer’s needs. Having a centralized database like Eptica of all the customer interaction data that is accessible from any customer contact channel will decrease the time necessary to process every client and significantly improve their satisfaction.

Some of these solutions may not be viable for every business – but trying to adopt at least some of them can make a difference to improve client relationships.

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