5 Essential Apps Expectant Mothers Should Know

October 14, 2014

6:00 pm

While being pregnant is often described as a thrilling yet uncomfortable experience, most couples are exhilarated to find out that they will be parents. But before you get to hold that bundle of joy, nine months of  hormonal ups and downs await many expectant mothers.  Yes, you may be tired, sweaty and a little crazy for most of it, but that’s where technology can try to make things “easier” for pregnant mothers.

If you have a “bun in the oven” or are planning for one, here are a few apps you should check out:

1. Glow App

Glow is an app that helps women track their fertility cycles. To target the women who are pregnant (or failed to use their fertility monitor tool correctly), the company developed Glow Nurture focusing on the nine months of  your pregnancy. They use data science capabilities to help women stay calm with personalizes information about symptoms, daily log and feedback on data you input.

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2. Pregnancy ++

This popular pregnancy app helps you store and share pictures of your ultrasounds with family members. The app also has useful tools like Kick counter and a contraction timer, so you can keep track of all these useful pieces of information.


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3. Preggie App

Being pregnant can bring a couple closer together or even set them apart. But let’s be honest, there are certain things about expecting that only other expecting mothers can relate to. Preggie app does just that, it connects future moms from all over the world so they can socialize and discuss pregnancy and baby issues. The app links the user with hundreds of ladies in each local area to increase sharing. It is based on the-same-pregnancy-stage principle, which means letting the user read posts of ladies who are at the same week in their pregnancy.


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4. Storq

If you’ve ever walked into a maternity store, you know that you may leave not feeling fabulous. Storq wants expecting mothers to feel comfortable and beautiful by delivering the right clothes at home. They are an online resource for maternity essentials that are equal parts practical, accessible, and stylish.


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5. Bellabeat

Bellabeat offers parents a collection of smart devices (Shell, Lead and Balance) to have a healthy pregnancy, communicate with the baby, and share information with their partners. The idea is to keep parents and baby engaged from the beginning. The Shell works in combination with the Bellabeat app, which includes calming music you can play to your baby while she’s in the womb. It also allows parents to record the baby’s heartbeat and share as easily as a text message.

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