5 Essential Productivity Tools for Freelancers

November 4, 2015

5:00 pm

As a freelancer, your time is your most valuable asset. How much work you do, how many clients have, and your overall output depend on how you use and manage your time. This is why being productive and making the most of every minute is so important. With these five productivity tools, you will improve your time management, work smarter, and get more done.

Wake Up Early: Sleep Cycle

Waking up early is the secret to success for all freelancers. You get a head start on your day and on other freelancers who hit the snooze button. The mobile app Sleep Cycle helps you wake up early more naturally. The app tracks your sleep movements and sounds off when you are in your lightest sleep cycle at the time closest to your desired alarm. This helps you avoid the grogginess that comes with waking up abruptly in the morning.

Billing & Money Management: PayPal

PayPal is a good one-stop shop money management tool for freelancers. You can send money for free and receive payments for a small fee. PayPal has an integrated invoice system that allows you to send invoices to clients and receive payment to your account. PayPal complements a traditional bank account well. You can manage your freelance income in your PayPal account and use your traditional bank for day-to-day purchases.

Collaboration: Microsoft OneNote

Tools that help you collaborate better are essential for being a productive freelancer. Microsoft OneNote is a computer program that encourages collaboration and information sharing. You create “notes” to manage information and share them with anyone who has an email address. Multiple people can edit the notes simultaneously. You can also include screenshots and other images to share with your collaborators.

Time Management: Toggl

If you bill by the hour, you know how important a good time management tool is. Toggl is a free time tracking software that is simple and easy to use. Simply hit the start button when you are starting a billable task and hit the end button when you finish. When you finish, you will be prompted to type in the project name, client, and any associated tags.

Website Optimization: SEO Yoast

There are not many freelance occupations that would not be boosted by having a professional website. After you build your website, maintaining it can take up a lot of time. To save you time, SEO Yoast streamlines and automates the process of optimizing your content for search engines. Simply enter in your keyword and the plugin will alert you to any changes that need to be made in the content in order for it to rank well on Google.

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