5 Handy Apps for Moms-to-Be

September 16, 2015

6:00 pm

The beauty of today’s world is that there’s a huge array of digital tools for almost anything, including pregnancy. No more guessing, no more bulky books and consultations with elder relatives on this occasion or that – you can have an app to solve almost any issue you may experience as a mom-to-be. Here are five apps for moms to check out.

1. Preggie


Preggie is an amazing social app for future moms where you can get in touch with women from your area who are also expecting and discuss all the pregnancy and baby issues you may have. Create your profile, fill in some personal info and the app will link you with local women to socialize with both online and offline. On the top, the app shows users the posts of other women and the same stage of their pregnancy. If you have no other girlfriends expecting, it’s a great place to ask all the questions you may have and chit-chat over various aspects of becoming a mom.

Available as iOS and Android app for free.

2. Dr. Contraction Timer


Dr. Contraction Timer becomes an incredibly handy app once your due date gets closer. It’s a visually appealing contractions timer that allows you or your partner to track contractions when going into labor. Simply press the timer button and the app will automatically calculate the length and frequency of each contraction. On top, you can add and store fast access contacts within the app like “maternity unit,” “potential babysitter,” etc.

Currently available as iOS app only for $0.99

3. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro


BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is a pregnancy tracker and social health network with frequent informational updates and a huge international forum where you can connect with other parents.

Some handy features include:

  • Daily image and info updates including schematic embryo pictures for each week of pregnancy; details about your baby’s size and weight; common symptoms, cravings and body changes to expect.
  • Journal and weight tracking with auto-weight gain calculations for each week based on your pre-pregnancy BMI
  • Kick counter
  • Photo slideshows

Available as iOS and Android app for free.

4. Prenatal Pilates by Blue Sparrow


Staying fit and active is made simple with Prenatal Pilates. Holly Furgason, an award winning Pilates instructor, designed the program specifically to address alignment and postural changes that take place during pregnancy. While complying with ACOG Guidelines, this app features different programs based on your fitness level and time available, plus suggests various exercises for each trimester, as well as postpartum. Most exercises require nothing more than some floor space; while some of them will need you to have a flex band and an exercise ball at hand.

Available for iOS only for free.

5. Baby Names !!


The name speaks for itself. The app suggests thousands of names in easy-to-read lists color coded pink, blue and yellow (for unisex names).  Each name comes with a brief explanation of the meaning, origin, pronunciation and gender, along with a popularity rating for any year up to 1880, if you prefer vintage names. You can create, store and share lists of the most appealing names, sort them by different criteria (spelling, gender, rating etc) or just ask the in-built Genie for some name suggestions that would go perfectly well with mom’s and dad’s names!

Available for free for iOS and Android.

Image credit: Ingimage.com, cropped and resized

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