5 Innovations That Will Change the Way You View Cars

October 21, 2015

10:15 am

Cars are an extremely important part of our culture – we spend a good chunk of our lives in them, and they give us opportunities that were unthinkable even to our not-so-distant ancestors. It is hardly surprising, then, that car manufacturers and engineers do their best to keep up with the times to make their creations as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Today we’ll take a look at some innovations in this field.

1. Automatic Remote Parking Assistant

If you know your way around car brands, you know that BMW has always been one of the forerunners in improvements dealing with comfort and user experience – and it continues to impress us. The technology demonstrated early this year allows a BMW user to exit the car and command it to look for a parking space on its own. The vehicle uses laser scanners to avoid obstacles and navigate its way around the parking lot and later, when the owner needs it again, he issues a command to pick him up via a smartwatch.

2. Connected Comfort

The Internet of Things develops at breakneck speed and many things that were considered to be straight out of science fiction are already available, albeit only at a hefty price and in a limited fashion. Tesla’s Model S is the leader in this field – its owners may be sure that on entering the car they will find seats perfectly positioned, temperature set at their preferred comfort level and their favorite music pouring out of the speakers. Navigation systems are ready to show you the route to wherever you need heeding your voice commands, and your passengers can enjoy 4G Wi-Fi to kill time on the road.

3. Connected Cars

The percentage of passenger cars manufactured with in-built telematics is expected to increase from a mere 10 percent in 2010 to 62 percent in 2016. In the not so distant future we may expect a roadway on which cars will be “talking” to each other on a regular basis, warning each other of their presence to avoid collisions, notifying of current traffic signals to improve fuel efficiency and much, much more.

4.Driverless Cars

Partially autonomous cars that can brake at the sign of danger, park themselves and perform other similar tasks are already in existence. With such a proof in front of our eyes, the possibility of cars that can fully navigate without drivers doesn’t look as preposterous as it did a mere decade ago.

5. The Rise of Car Software

Software has been present in cars for quite some time, but mostly it was represented  by second-rate programs that existed for the sake of existing, without providing drivers with any useful functions. Times are changing – car manufacturers already gather their own teams of talented programmers to meet customer demands, and very soon, software designers may become as indispensable in car production as engineers and mechanics.

Some of the aforementioned innovations have already been implemented; others still mostly remain in theory. However, taking into account the swiftness with which technology develops these days, we probably won’t have to wait too long.

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