5 Interesting Startups Out of Miami

May 1, 2015

6:30 pm

Some startups are successful, and some make the news, but are they interesting? They can be if they happen to be involved with something in the same field as you, but most likely, it’s just more news in your eyes. Some startups, however, can prove to be interesting, regardless of whether or not their work applies to you. Prepare to learn about five of the most interesting startups that are based or started in Miami, Florida.


Founded by an accountant, Richard Dobrow’s success story might not follow the traditional script, but his own script is a masterpiece. SilverSky started as a short-term business venture for Dobrow after getting his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting in the late ’90s. Alongside some colleagues, he went into the information security business and soon became a leading player as an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) for financial institutions. SilverSky started out as Guarded Networks Inc., or GNI. But a few names changes and sales changed things, and in the end it became SilverSky, which BAE Systems recently bought for $232.5 million. The startup that began with four people ended up being bought for over $200 million – pretty impressive.

Modernizing Medicine 

This Boca Raton-based startup announced recently that it had acquired a great deal of funding, $15 million of an expected $20 million. Existing investors are responsible for their latest funding, as many of them are medical specialists that use their products. Modernizing Medicine is the creator of the Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA), which is a cloud-based, specialty-specific electronic medical record system.

Rokk3r Labs 

No, that’s not a typo or misprint. Rokk3r Labs is another of Miami’s startups, and a pretty cool one at that. As the Rokk3r Labs website says on their slideshow of a front page, “Rokk3r Labs is a unique platform where entrepreneurs partner with our strategists, creative, and engineers to launch companies.” Because launching a company without the assistance or funding of anybody is a rare thing, indeed.


Okay, so maybe Nightpro isn’t exactly relevant for most people, but it’s still a neat idea, nonetheless. It’s certainly not as amazing as startups developing revolutionary medical technology, or even just innovative things in general, but it’s still interesting. And that’s why it’s here. Nightpro is really useful, but only for people who manage nightclubs, bars, or similar nightlife venues. It’s a cloud-based app that can manage guest lists, reservations, ticketing, commissions, and more. If you plan to start up a bar or similar establishment, why not look into Nightpro?


Perhaps the most interesting startup, simply because of its attitude. WedWu went into the harsh world of business with the hardened mindset of an experienced explorer, boldly entering new territory. WedWu is the first of its kind in the “Name-Your-Own-Price” wedding & event services planning. Not to fear, as WedWu will manage everything from start to finish, so your special day is truly amazing. Photography, video, even hire a DJ for your wedding or event through WedWu, and there’s no need to fear about flakes either.

WedWu offers a somewhat humorous, but entirely serious, “Double-Your Money Back Guarantee” if the professional sent by them fails to deliver what is promised, or just plain flakes out. Of course, not to worry about your day being totally ruined by a no-show photographer, as WedWu can find a replacement within hours of being notified of the issue.

Miami Startups 

So you’ve read about some of the most interesting startups based or created in Miami. Maybe they’ve inspired you, or maybe you were just studying the market, but now you want to begin a startup of your own. Well, move on over to Miami, get some Miami office space, and maybe your business could become one of Miami’s most interesting startups.


Image Credit: Flickr/A. Duarte

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