5 Must-Have iPhone Apps

September 17, 2015

9:00 am

The world of iPhone apps is enormous and ever-changing – there are seemingly hundreds of competing apps vying for top positions in every conceivable area. They are so numerous that it is very easy to lose your way trying to navigate among them. That is why we’ve prepared a list of 5 apps you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Filterra – Photo Editor

Normally, in order to make any photo you shot look presentable you have to first get it to your PC and probably use some expensive and complicated piece of software. If you don’t have one or can’t be bothered to spend so much time with each photo, then you have to bear with half-baked, blurry shots with their colors all messed-up. Filterra aims to change the situation – you get access to advanced editing options, a number of filters enough to satisfy even a pro and well-designed interface; the fact that it is all for free comes as pleasant icing on the cake.

HotSchedules – Business

HotSchedules is primarily aimed at business employees who want to simplify the process of managing their schedules. If you work in shifts in a large company it may be even more useful – with its help you may update schedule change requests from the company, exchange shifts with your colleagues and easily let somebody know when you are free and when you are next working.

SoundCloud – Sound and music

At a glance, SoundCloud is little more than just another music service. If you take time to get to know it better, however, you will discover it has numerous possibilities rarely found elsewhere. It helps you discover new songs, albums, podcasts and all other kinds of audio content. If you got bored with music you normally listen to, you may simply open the Explore tab, take a look at which podcasts and songs are currently trending, and join the fun.

FlightView Tracker – Travel

FlightView Tracker is probably the best flight tracker app out there. It provides you with tracking information about each flight, weather data on departure and arrival, a map you can use to track flights visually, as well as a possibility to enter your own notes. If you are planning a trip, you may find a flight up to 350 days in advance and store it for the future, find directions on how to get to an airport and much more.

Google Maps – GPS/Maps

If you expected some kind of revelation here, sorry – but there is still no viable alternative to the service provided by Google Maps. It has its issues, of course, but where it falls slightly short, its competition mostly breaks down completely. Thus, we have an absolutely free service with excellent turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, easy location search and outstanding route creation functionality. As of now, Google Maps is light-years ahead of even the strongest competitors.

What iPhone apps are indispensable for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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