5 Reasons to Attend the UnGagged Conference at London Technology Week

June 16, 2016

4:40 pm

Well, the time has come around again for the UnGagged Conference in London on June 23rd and if you didn’t already have enough reasons why you would want to attend, here are five more to inspire you and show you what the event is about.

Top speakers

Just like it did last year, UnGagged has again brought together some of the smartest people from around the world all of whom are coming to talk about their specialist areas. This means attending provides you with the chance to listen to the likes of Bas van den Beld, the European Search Personality of 2015 who is the founder of State of Digital.

Also keynote speaking at the conference is Marcus Tandler, cofounder and managing director of OnPage.org, an award winning start up in SaaS Tech who has been improving websites across the industry for the last 17 years.

Access Top Secrets

As the name suggests ‘UnGagged’ is the place to learn many of the top secret techniques that the SEO elite are using. Hear from people who are willing to divulge what has worked for them and what they are currently changing to get better results. Additionally, gain insight into changes that are coming and how they might affect your business online.

Networking Opportunities

Because UnGagged isn’t one of those conferences with thousands of attendees, it is a prime opportunity to do some quality networking. You can get the chance to talk to people one-on-one and get their insight into the world of marketing. You can learn the kind of tips that people normally keep to themselves and help to give your business an edge against competitors going forward.

Practical Tips

Theoretical ideas are brilliant but sometimes you need something practical, real hands-on tips about how to implement the changes you are hearing about.  Telling someone to optimize their content to show up on Google News is one thing but explaining how to do this is another and this is what you will find at UnGagged.  Here you can learn new techniques and skills, find recommendations for new software and find out how other people are using these in the real world.

Learn Hiring Practices

Even the most dedicated business owner or entrepreneur can’t do everything themselves and a big part of growing your business is realizing when you have come to the point where you need more people on board.  A massive part of UnGagged is learning how to hire these professionals, how to find the right person for the job and to put together the right package that will attract them.

You will learn what the best in the business are looking for and how you can attract them.  You can also learn about avoiding the people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and can have a massive negative effect on your business.

If this hasn’t convinced you that it is a great event to attend this month, then check out the dedicated website for even more information.


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