How to Avoid Common Ecommerce Marketing Mistakes

October 20, 2017

5:00 pm

In this sea of established and growing businesses online, it can sometimes get tough to be noticed and reach out to your audience to sell your product and services. If you happen to be a young entrepreneur who is new to the online market, then don’t be disheartened with all the competition that seems to do better compared to your business in the beginning.

If your business is not doing well at the current moment it’s probably due to some fundamental mistakes that you might be committing unknowingly, which happens with new businesses. You can rectify these common problems either by learning over the time or learning it quickly through the experiences of the others. Considering the latter option? Wise!

Here are 5 secrets to help  your ecommerce business grow and keep you from making the common mistakes that new businesses usually do.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

For your business to be successful, you need your website to become popular. There is no other better way to get traffic on your website compared to the traffic that you can generate from the search engines. With Google being the top priority, make sure that the content on your site is such that you get ranked among the top websites in the list of searches when people search for a particular product that your business deal with. Look for tools that let help you choose keywords and analyze the traffic on your website and build the content according to it.

Don’t Shy Away from Social Media

Market your product on different social media platforms. Most social media channels come with a functionality of letting the different companies advertise themselves on their website. The paid marketing on these sites often cost less and can let you reach your potential customers more efficiently. Creating profiles and pages on websites like Facebook will also enable your customers to ask you questions about your product and services. The new launches and offers announcements on these social media channels can help you get the attention of your customers.

Invest in Apps

Almost every top company provide its customers with an app for the better mobile experience, and if you are generating a large enough volume of business, then it might be time to invest in a shopping app for your ecommerce business. Having an app on the phones of your clients will also allow you to advertise the products and notify them about new offers right when they go live, as you will not have to wait for these app users to visit your website first.

Dedicated Customer Support

It is natural that when people visit your website, they will have questions about one or the other thing about the product that you are selling. In such scenarios, customer support is the first thing that these users look for, and this is where a quality customer support team comes into play. Introduce a live customer support section on your ecommerce website, where people can leave feedbacks and queries for the answers. A live customer support becomes necessary in electronic commerce as you always have the risk of your potential buyer to become a customer of the other website if their questions aren’t answered quickly.

Take Notes from Your Competition

Learning is a big part of any business, and ecommerce is no different. You can always come across the new features and ways to boost your business by keeping a close eye on your competitors. You can borrow ideas from different businesses like yours and use them to create the best cart experience to attract more customers. Inspiration from the top e-commerce websites can help you replicate a similar if not a better service for your customers.

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