5 Simple Tweaks to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

September 27, 2016

12:45 pm

Email marketing is one of the most preferred methods people use to drive traffic and conversion to their business. If it is done with a proper attention and the right strategy then it can bring more success. How much success? Email is arguably the most used product on Earth.

While running an email marketing campaign, one of the most important points to consider is trying to maintain a high ‘click-through rates’. There’s no point in having a large list of email addresses if no one opens your email.

Here, I’ll share some simple yet effective tips to increase your email click-through rate.

1. Find the Target Audience

First of all, you will have to search for the target audience: a recipient who has a real interest in your niche. Selecting the right audience will increase the chance that the person will open your email.

Run a search to gather some relevant opt-ins. Who is willing to read your newsletter? Which individual is expected to read? For what reason will he go for the sign-up process? These opt-ins will help you to reach towards a targeted audience.

Your subject line is the real invitation to open your email. Keep in mind that the standard subject line is not more than 50 characters. And if you have lots of mobile readers, a subject line within 20 characters is highly recommended.

Make sure to pay attention to the preheader. This is the next thing after your engaging subject line. Some may chose to hedge their bets with a preheader that reads “Unable to read this mail? Click here for web version”.

2. Make a Clear Call-to-Action

It is noticed that many newsletters include multiple call-to-actions (CTAs) which makes the recipient confused and forces them to close the email. Therefore I advise you: Focus on only one proper and unavoidable CTA that serves your emailing goal. Don’t let your readers get confused with multiple CTAs.

3. Portable Device-Friendly Email

As the mobile user is increasing day by day, according to current litmus research, 56% of all emails is being opened in mobile devices. This proves that mobile phones, tablets and smartphones have become the most important medium for reading emails. Make sure your newsletter is mobile-based. If you are neglecting this issue, you are making a big mistake.

Keep your newsletter responsive for all size of portable devices. Also make sure that your newsletter links, call-to-actions and the whole content is friendly for finger-tap.

4. Be Specific and Relevant

Write the content relevant to the readers demand. This will boost the email click-through rate. An email should be to-the-point and should be based on recipients’ interest.

5. Monitor Your Performance

After sending the email to your subscribers, the next important thing is to monitor your success.

Either the email has been read out or not. If the result does not come out as you expected, then doing A/B Tests will help you to test different versions of your email. Send your email different time using different engaging subject lines and different format until you reach your desired email click-through rate.

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