5 of the Sleekest Wearables at CES 2016

January 7, 2016

10:00 am

In the beginning (like….5 years ago), wearables, mainly those designed for fitness tracking, were more about functionality than they were about fashion. Now that they’ve worked out most of the kinks, these device makers are starting to focus more on making them appeal to different demographics who have different stylistic tastes.

There will be a total of 41 wearable exhibitors at CES 2016 – triple the amount as last year. And this doesn’t include companies like Fitbit or Nike that fall into the health & fitness category. A lot of them will look nicer, and more expensive than last year’s offerings too. They will be shinier, sleeker, more bedazzled.

Here is a sampling of some of what you’ll see at CES this year.

1. Oura Ring


Image: Ouraring.com

The Oura ring is a simple, elegant, unisex ring that accurately tracks your sleep patterns. The ŌURA app visualizes the measured data, providing you with personalized recommendations. The ring, like most other wearables will store the data when you are not near your phone.

2. Misfit Shine


Image: Misfit

Obviously most of the wearables at CES this year are in the business of tracking health and/or fitness to some degree. Also, a lot of them are watches. With a lithe band and face, the Misfit Shine tracks activity and sleep and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

3. Huawei Watch Jewel

huawei watch

Image: Inquirer.com

If you feel the need to get your sparkle on, the Huawei Watch Jewel should be on your radar. It’s a smartwatch manufactured by the Chinese smartphone giant. And that’s about it. It’s a sparkly smartwatch designed by Huawei. Ta da.

4. WiseWear Socialite


Image: WiseWear

Socialite is a line of connected bracelets from WiseWear. The claim is that these bracelets can do it all and do it all well. It can track activity, send distress signals, and display notifications from your mobile phone. It comes in different designs for men and women.

5. Garmin Varia Vision


Image: Business Wire

Finally, a wearable that goes somewhere other than your arms. The Varia Vision is a device developed for cyclist. It attaches to the side of your sunglasses and gives you ride information that you can see while never taking your eyes off the road.

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