5 Tips To Fuel Your Business Via App Constellation

October 12, 2014

2:00 pm

Indubitably, mobile applications have reached a ground where they can be considered all the rage today. Whether we consider the usage of mobile in regular activities or businesses, its demand is rapidly increasing. And alongside this growing demand, a burgeoning number of approaches and tools are evolving to support the mobile app development in a proficient manner.

Observing the current trends, it can be said that other than the multi-purpose apps and gaming apps, a new approach with non-gaming native app has been evolved in the mobile apps development realm. This is more commonly referred as App Constellation.

The emergence of application constellation significantly epitomizes a mature mobile market with reputed publishers offering a group of joining applications. For instance, a giant social networking site, Facebook that has a formidable fan following, has expanded its reach and enhanced its credibility by publishing and acquiring applications including Instagram, WhatsApp, Paper, and Messenger. This makes the main platform of Facebook more intriguing with added versatility.

Maintaining a powerful performance is not an easy feat for everyone. Lots of efforts are required for creating a successful app constellation. Facebook is not alone in reaping its benefits; Google, Foursquare, and Dropbox are also considered as the pioneers of app constellations. Their apps are performing pretty well in the field: they are not just befitting their owners but are also beneficial to consumers.
These leading drivers of app constellation have facilitated some efficient tips for the companies which are providing Mobile App Development Services in order to help the aspiring readers to improve their business reach and generate higher ROI by developing an app constellation.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the tips that can help you establish a better app constellation.

1. Auto login will enhance the overall performance and user experience.
The concept of app constellation says that instead of adding a bunch of functions within an application, split the functions into several apps and couple them all tightly.
While installing another application from the app constellation, one can ensure auto login to the new app by implementing the same login credentials as that of the existing app. This will create a seamless transition between the applications and speed up the entire process as a new user account is not mandated for running the new application.
2. Offer another option to account sharing.
There may exist some applications in the app constellation that do not need any user account for execution – or probably, a user may not be interested in using the same account credentials for different applications. For instance, Google applications like a video app or Google Maps app are apps that don’t need any account at all. Thus, integrating a no-account approach along with the auto login will be an added advantage to the users.
3. Ensure a significant gap between the apps for added intuitiveness.
Intuitiveness is a significant aspect that adds to an application’s success. An intuitive app communicates its features and functions clearly to its users.
For ensuring a smooth transition from an application to another within the app constellation, define a grace period to precisely explain the necessity of transition and enhanced features that will be offered by the new application. This will allow users to understand both the need and functionality of the app that is asked to be downloaded.
4. An interactive constellation will help deliver outstanding performance
Though an app constellation could be streamlined and simple, interactivity between the applications is as imperative as other aspects. Hence, you must ensure a healthy interaction between the apps by offering data sharing and allowing users to move back and forth between the applications, like Google does. And for a diversified app constellation, interactivity is of utmost importance.
5. Make it mandatory for the users
You might have observed app constellation with Facebook and Foursquare as they mandate their users to download another application for accessing a specific feature. Though this approach might have certain negative points, it could be considered a good practice as well. Wondering how?
Let’s consider both negative and positive aspects of this approach.
Negative Aspect – This approach forces users to download a new application in order to access an existing feature, for this reason, users might prefer abandoning the app. Thus, you might lose certain users or may endure low ratings.
Positive Aspect – This could be beneficial in the long run as it offers cross promotion, because in a way you are promoting your other applications and redirecting users from your popular application to your other apps.
However, it is recommended to promote your application within the constellation tastefully and elegantly to attract potential consumers. Flashing a new application ubiquitously from an existing application is not the correct approach; rather, offer the new app under certain features of an existing app. That is, cross promote an application but with an absolute precision.
Implementing the above mentioned guidelines can help you enhance your business profits and brand value with an efficient app constellation.

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