5 Tricks Used By Ecommerce Marketers To Make You Buy

February 8, 2015

6:00 pm

Ecommerce is no longer a matter of selling. Instead, it has become a matter of psychological exploitation. Online stores rely on all kinds of techniques in order to convince you to buy. You keep telling yourself that you are just taking a peek, yet you end up adding items to your shopping cart like there is no tomorrow. So how can they manage to trigger that uncontrollable feeling of excitement? Well, smart sellers rely on some simple techniques that affect your psychology.

Knowing what to look for can help you control cravings easier. Just think about those 100% money back guarantees, lifetime warranties and free returns. It looks like a pretty low risk, yet you are less likely to call for a small razor that stops working after a couple of years.  Such techniques increase the sales overnight.

Want it tomorrow? Order within 4 hours!

This is a pretty smart idea. It plays with your mind. You no longer think that you might want the respective item. Instead, you think that you might see your best friend this weekend or perhaps you want to visit your parents. You keep picturing the delivery guy at your door with the package. Tomorrow! It sounds amazing, but this is just a trick. Most people fall for it, so it is widely used on all kinds of websites.

Got a coupon?

You end up filling your shopping cart and as you proceed to the checkout, you suddenly realize that you are spending way too much. So you think about canceling some of the items or perhaps the entire cart. You are then asked if you have a coupon code. What do you think most people do? Simple! They open another tab and start looking for coupons. They will probably find a few, so the small and insignificant discount convinces them that they are about to seal a good deal. However, the coupon question pops up right under the price. It is a psychological trick. Try it and see for yourself.

Limited time left

limited time

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A deadline will inevitably force you to make quick decisions. Sometimes, they are good. When you go shopping, they are not always so good. This trick works pretty well for potential buyers who are still not convinced whether or not they should push the payment button.

5 Star Review

Most people do want a second opinion to push them from behind. They do want something in particular, but they want to convince themselves that they buy the right product. This is how they assume that a third party rate or ranking is trustworthy. When a product is 5 star ranked, you feel more confident to buy it, especially if another product has no reviews at all. This is often a good idea, but it may also be used for a trick.

Limited Item in Stock

You find a deal that looks good and you see that there is only one item left in stock. You know that you are less likely to find the same deal anytime soon, so you feel pushed to buy it. It is usually a trick though. Chances are the same item will show up again soon, at the exact same price. Obviously, you do not feel like buying right away if it says that the store has plenty of items in stock, so sellers often take advantage of this trick.


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