5 Ways to Capture a Social Media Following

July 5, 2015

2:00 pm

Since the beginning of the modern marketing era it has been obvious that the absolute best way to attract attention to a brand or product is to get the people on your side. It is common knowledge that word of mouth is more powerful than any other form of outreach. Nowadays, social media takes word of mouth around the world in literally seconds. For this reason, capturing a social media following is one of the most rewarding challenges for online store owners. So, without further ado, here’s five of the best ways to increase your e-commerce store’s social following.

1. Offer Exclusive Coupons and Discounts to Your Followers

Perhaps the best way to motivate people to become your friends/followers is to tease them with the prospect of accessing exclusive discounts and coupons that they can’t get anywhere else. Incorporating such incentives into your site design is as easy as placing a pop-up that reads, “Join Our Facebook Group to Earn 20% off Every Purchase” or something similar.

2. Build a Custom Facebook App or Store

It’s no secret that Facebook is the king of all social networks, so increasing your presence on just this one site is enough to drastically increase the amount of sales and conversions you’re able to generate. Building a Facebook Group or Fan page is one thing, but taking it a step further and launching a custom Facebook app or store can really work wonders to project an image of professionalism for your brand.

3. Incorporate ‘Like’ and Share Buttons Into Your Online Store

The best evangelists for your store will be people who are already shopping there. Take advantage of your site visitors and existing customers by making it easy for them to click the like or share button on any given product page. This simple action could expose you to thousands more potential customers on a daily basis. While there are literally dozens of scripts and plugins out there that can insert like and share buttons on any page on your site, just one example would be the AddThis sharing tool from Shopify Resources.

4. Hold Giveaways and Special Promotions on Social Networks

In addition to providing ongoing discounts to your followers, another excellent way to cause a storm on social media is to offer generous giveaways periodically. For example, you could offer up a $250 cash reward to the follower who refers the most friends to your site or social group, or you can hold a random raffle to give away some of your hottest products to a random winner.

5. Let Shoppers Create an Account by Signing in With Their Existing Social Accounts

You’ve probably seen something like this before – you go to sign up for a site and instead of having to fill out a lengthy form to create a new account, you’re given the option to sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. The option to sign in with your social account is a feature that should be included in any decent digital marketplace script. But how does this help you build a social media following you ask? By letting users sign into your site using their social networking credentials you are promoting a psychological connection between their online shopping practices and their social networking activities. Give it a try in combination with the other tips on this list and you’ll start seeing progress in a matter of days.

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