5 Ways to Increase Conversions Using User Personas

February 15, 2015

10:00 am

Creating a new paid search campaign is quite easy, but did you know how difficult it is to identify your target audience? Buyer personas are vital in any marketing campaign, even though they have not been given the attention they deserve. More often than not, marketing companies go full swing into a PPC campaign without having an inkling about whom they are trying to attract. If you really want to increase the conversion rates through your campaign you need to understand the psyche of buyer personas. What or who, then, are these buyer personas? According to the Hubspot blog, this is representation of a perfect customer created from market research inputs and factual data about current customers. Here are five ways to increase conversions by gainfully using user personas.

1. Conduct market research

Firstly, marketing companies should realize that they need to do their homework thoroughly. Spend some time and check the top three blogs or websites your customer favors most and visits frequently. It may be three favorite forums where the customer joins in a heated discussion, three major Twitter influencers they tend to follow, or some popular groups on LinkedIn. They may be checking out the most frequent complaints from other users, or have complaints of their own. Find their pain points and commentaries.

2. Keep up with the competition

As a businessperson it is important that you know what your competitors are up to. Check on their ads and presence in social media. There may be some valuable blog comments their customers are leaving behind which will give you a glimpse at the concerns users have with your competitors. Your competitors’ customers may be a completely different set of people with a totally opposite way of thinking from your customer base. It pays to take a peek at what the others are up to in order to understand the variations in the general trend today. Whether your user base is one that prefers personalized attention, surfs mostly on their mobile phones, or depend more on apps, you need to compare this with the experience you are offering. Be sure to make it a lot easier for users to find content on your site with easy content navigation.

3. Use the right keywords

Although the use of keywords is followed religiously by every serious marketing company, thus making it very common today, it still plays a vital role. There can be no content that is devoid of the keywords that your audience might use to find your site, the absence of which will make the very purpose of content almost null and void. It is important to have an arsenal of powerful keywords in your armory, each one with a specific target audience and purpose. The primary purpose of a keyword is to describe your service or product, directly or indirectly. However, it makes sense to add long tail keywords that make sense to your buyers based on specific motivations and objections they may have.

4. Make your landing page effective

Your landing page is the entry point for your website and has to be impressive enough to make a great impression the very first time itself. It is also known as the ‘lead capture page’ because the first few seconds that the user spends at your landing page are the most crucial ones. You should also have Call-To-Action choices on your landing pages to make them more effective. Make the landing page as organized and as user-friendly as possible by starting off with a bold headline that focuses on the main objective. This usually is the service or product that the user may be looking for. Next, list out through bullet points how your product answers most of the customers’ needs brilliantly. Follow this up with a brief write-up about your company’s background, which instills more confidence in the user, as your landing page is actually your face that the customer sees. You could always use keyword instances that will improve your quality scores.

5. Compelling ad copy

‘The gift of the gab’ is to face-to-face marketers what clever ad copy is to digital marketers. Whatever you wish to convey has to be crafted brilliantly through compelling content. While the copy can be attractive and captivating, it needs to always state bare facts, with no tall claims. It may not hurt to point out a couple of negative points while putting forward several positive points, because this will only add credence to your image. It pays to be upfront with whatever you say or claim, but there is nothing wrong in spicing up the copy to make it catchy and irresistible.

It all boils down to how you understand the psyche of the customer, who is always king. Following these tips should certainly help you increase conversions using user personas, which will in turn contribute to increased revenues.

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