5 Ways to Make Your Ad Campaign Seem a Little Less “Salesy”

March 23, 2017

7:00 pm

Make your ad campaigns both convincing and relatable with these tips answering the question “What’s the best way to make an ad campaign seem as un-salesy as possible?”

Showcase the Experience of Using Your Product or Service

“Create meaningful ads that resonate with your product/service/widget and provide a solution, identity resonance, or lifestyle to your target market. Effectively articulate the experience you’re providing.”

Be Creative and Original

“I can’t help but call to mind a Harvard Business Review article I read a few years back that talked about creativity in advertising. In it, the author cited a study that found that investment in a highly-creative ad campaign had nearly doubled the sales impact of a non-creative one. The more time, effort, and originality you put into a campaign, the less salesy it will tend to seem.”

Don’t Sell Anything

“Instead, focus on what your customers care about. Maybe send a thank you letter to your customers, providing an insightful quote with your logo at the bottom of the page. This way, more people will consider you a friend rather than a salesperson.”

Let the Reader Infer the Story

“Stories where the reader or audience can easily see themselves as part of that story sell the easiest.”

Be as Targeted as Possible

“Not everyone wants what you have. We marketers confuse and frustrate when we don’t offer the right people the right things of value at the right time. If you have something of real value to offer (a free trial, a discount, maybe an e-book) make sure you’re targeting your ad to people who would actually benefit from that offer. Otherwise, you’re wasting ad dollars.”

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