5 Ways to Get Noticed at a Startup Showcase

October 22, 2017

10:30 am

Exhibiting at a startup showcase is a great way to introduce your product or service to prospective clients, capture leads and build brand awareness. One of the biggest advantage of showcasing is that you’ll be able to interact with prospective customers, investors and influencers and address any questions or concerns as they arise. Unfortunately, show attendance can be costly and it can take several months to recoup costs. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Generate Interest Before the Showcase

7 out of 10 attendees plan their visits before they attend a showcase. It’s important to engage in pre-event outreach in order to reach a wide audience. Let your current and prospective customers, media and potential investors know that you’ll be attending the showcase. If there is someone in particular whom you would like to meet consider shooting them an email and set up an appointment. Building a rapport beforehand will make it easier to connect in person. Announce your attendance on your social media channels.

Strategize Booth Placement

Booth placement can have a significant effect on the amount of traffic you’ll receive. High traffic areas generally include areas near the main entrance, corner areas and spaces with intersecting aisles. Areas on the right hand side tend to get more foot traffic compared to those on the left. Avoid placing your booth near restroom and dining areas as these can attract loiterers who may block interested visitors from reaching your booth. The center of the floor tends to attract more visitors than any other area.

Create A Show Stopping Booth

While you may not get a ton of room or a huge table, you can still attract more attention to your booth by using props and wearing branded clothes that stand out in the crowd. If you have the room, you can also increase engagement by hosting a game with prizes. Ask your attendees to sign up to your mailing list as this will allow you to collect leads at the same time.

Give Out Cool Swag

Picking the right promotional items can make a real impact and generate lots of buzz. Forego the typical branded pen or notepad items and pick something memorable that will resonate with your targeted audience. Save a few big ticket giveaways for serious prospects whom you would like to do future business with. The right giveaway can make an attendee remember your business long after the show is over.

Follow Up

Most importantly, the people you do meet, you need to follow up on leads as soon as possible. Showcase attendees meet a lot of startups and the longer you wait the more likely they are to forget you. The amount of leads gathered at a showcase can provide you with lots of prospects and months of work. Use a lead capturing software that will collect information and integrate directly with your email marketing software of choice.

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