6 Company Perks That Attract Top Talent

November 4, 2016

2:20 pm

When it comes to attracting talent, companies are getting more and more creative with their employee perks. From helping pay back student loans and trips to exotic places around the world to bike share programs and a rock climbing walls in the office, employers will continue to figure out the formula to what helps attract the best talent?

We asked a few YEC members what they thought were the best perks that attracted top talent:

Days Off for Volunteering

“At ZinePak, we offer all our full-time employees two or more paid days off per year to volunteer for any charity he or she chooses. It’s a great way to help our employees give back to the community and support causes they care about.”

– Brittany Hodak of ZinePack

Unlimited Paid Time Off

“We have an unlimited PTO policy because we believe in hiring talented, driven individuals and allowing them to work autonomously. We always have the expectation that people will meet their goals, and if they can do so while taking a two-week trip to Europe, then we should support them in doing so. This attracts the type of people who are intrinsically motivated and appreciate being trusted.”

– Kelsey Meyer of Influence and Co

Flexible Workplaces and Tools

“Our employees can complete 99 percent of their individual tasks out of the office and on any device. This way when they have to take personal time, they still have the tools to continue being productive. Flexible schedules and unlimited PTO don’t mean much if employees have to worry about doing double the work just to catch up.”

– Ivan Matkovic of SpendGo

A Work Environment Where People Feel Valued

“Perks are often misunderstood as the path to a great place to work. Before perks, the first key component is building a desirable work environment where people feel valued and can do meaningful work. With that in mind we offer unlimited vacation, free snacks, phenomenal office space, new Apple gear, great speakers and more. However, none of that matters unless you get the first part squared away.”

– Josepha Walla of HelloSign

Trust and Freedom

“At Cyberclick, we give everyone the ability to choose their working hours along with vacation days. We don’t tally up every day you have taken off or came in late; we want you to decide your best schedule to get your work done. This trusting environment is one of the ways we are able to attract passionate people into our team who don’t need a set schedule to find the motivation to come into work.”

– David Thomas of Cyberclick

A Relaxed Environment

“We offer a relaxed environment with our employees being able to structure their work load however they feel is best. We do not believe in micromanaging our employees. Combine that with the freedom to wear casual clothes and be comfortable, we create an environment for ideas to flow freely.”

– Phil Laboon of EyeFlow

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