6 Dependable Ways to Keep your Startup Safe and Secure

February 25, 2014

5:21 pm

You work hard to make your startup flourish. Are you doing everything you can to keep your business protected from threats? The following tips can help you keep your business safe and secure.

1. Perform Scans on Your Network

One way that thieves threaten to jeopardize your business is to hack into your network. Once in your network, they can steal data about your company or your customers. Protect your business from hackers by performing scans on your network. Scans will look for areas of weakness in your network that hackers could exploit.

Port scans, network scans, and vulnerability scans are several ways to test your network. Launch these scans to discover open and unprotected areas of your network that occur from software updates or insufficient security. Once you find your areas of weakness, you can offer more protection to keep your business safe.

2. Encrypt Your Data

It’s impossible to protect against all forms of hacking. One way to avoid loss of data from hacking is to encrypt your data. Encryption works by converting the data into a code. The end-user can only access the data through a protected portal that can read the code. Encryption renders the data unreadable in the event that thieves access it.

Businesses commonly use encryption to protect financial information in transactions such as credit card numbers. Encryption is also useful for protecting business and personnel information, and there are outsourcing options for encryption to offer your business the highest level of protection.

3. Back Up Data

One thing to consider if hackers access your network and steal data from your business is how to get that data back. Running routine backups of your network can generate a copy in the event that data goes missing. Generate a backup interval for your business based on the amount of time you can go without access to data. Don’t forget that natural disasters cause data loss too, so keep your backups offsite to avoid complete loss of information. Protection with backups will get you back on your feet quickly if data loss occurs.

4. Install Alarms

Alarms are useful in protecting your startup because they warn you once anything falls outside of the norm. Network alarms will alert you to suspicious downloads or potential hacking. Alarms for fire, water, or carbon monoxide keep your employees and equipment safe, helping you avoid thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits or equipment replacement costs.

Security alarms let you know of break-ins and reduce damage from theft. The plus side is that you can automate all of these alarms and spend less time worrying about these types of threats.

5. Hire Reliable Employees

Many times when a company faces a security breach it comes from someone within the company. Make sure to run the proper background checks on potential employees before hiring them. This may sound like common sense; however, it is a crucial step in avoiding internal theft. Also only hire people you have found from credible sources. Posting jobs on your business’ website is the best way to accept applications, but there are many reputable job search agents that can help you filter out applicants as well.

Monitoring employees’ habits is also a good way to keep important information safe. Only allow trusted employees to be able to access any valuable information. If it’s not something the whole company should know, then the whole company should not have access. There is no need to have high security, unless your company is that like Area 51, but implementing a few key measures will ensure your startup is safe in your employees’ hands.

6. Add Video Cameras

A great way to keep your business safe is to add video surveillance. Post signs that you’re recording on the premises and tell employees that they’re under surveillance. Make sure the video is independently powered and that you can get access to the video feed remotely. Install high-quality video cameras so that police can use footage to identify someone in the event of a burglary. Video cameras are effective in preventing crime and can provide leads if theft does occur.

Protecting your startup is your top priority. A few changes to your security means keeping your business safe and secure and allowing you to bounce back quickly if thieves attack. What are some other ways you keep your business safe?

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