6 Epic Content Ideas You Should Start Using Today

August 19, 2015

10:00 pm

The online world has become a really noisy place these days. You are no longer competing with big name publishers, but with hundreds of business just like you, practicing the art and science of content marketing.

Publishing good content is no longer enough. You have to go big and write massively thrilling stuff. Here are 6 epic content ideas to help you get started today.

1. Create a Curated List Post

Brainstorming, researching, and writing a good list post takes a lot of time and effort.  You can’t afford to publish them every other day. That’s where a curated list post comes as an excellent alternative.


  • It brings a ton of extra value to your readers and takes you less time to compose. You just need to source great materials you plan to include.
  • It could be used as an excellent content marketing piece. Reach out to everyone you’ve featured to attract additional shares and links.

A curated list could be a list of useful niche articles, tools or expert opinions on the topic. Here’s a few examples:

When settling on a topic, make sure it will resonate with your audience (a commonly overlooked no-brainer) and it has enough scope – meaning you can cover it from different aspects without getting too boring.

2. Turn your Blog Post into SlideShare Presentation

Target new users through catchy visuals. While creating an eye candy may take some time and efforts, the returns could be huge. According to Ana Hoffman’s case study, you can get over 200K views, several first-page Google rankings, and loads of referral traffic to your website or social media in less than 30 days.

SlideShare allows to embed links into your presentation, meaning you can include relevant call-to-actions like “Visit the blog for the full post” or “Say thanks with a Tweet” and so on to gain new readers and potential users.

3. Create a Detailed Free Guide

Got some long-form pillar posts? Convert them into a visually appealing learning guide for free at Guides.co. You can add multi-media items, structure your content in a form of a book, add dedicated comment sections to each chapter, and more. Use it as bait to grow your subscriber list and as a linkable assert.

4. Write long, mega detailed, comprehensive posts

Statistically, posts over 1.600 words (equal to around 7 min read) receive more social shares, comments, and links. Instead of publishing more, publish better content.

Conduct your own research, find reliable data to back up your claims, and create solid evergreen posts that your readers are likely to refer to again and again. Such content can attract mentions by other online publishers, referring to your research.

Here’s an example: everyone has some ideas how to start a blog, but they lack the general pattern to follow. Should I settle on design first or buy a domain, find a hosting provider? Which platform to choose? What layout to settle on? Find the most commonly asked questions about your topic (Quora and other Q&A websites work great in this case), compile them in a step-by-step action plan with detailed explanations and case studies;  add expert opinions and useful resources lists – and voila, you have an epic copy that is bound for success when promoted properly. Afterwards, you can re-purpose it into a full-length guide or even an e-course.

5. Partner with an expert

Crafting a new piece of content with an influencer in tow brings two major benefits to your business: access to the expert’s network for promotional purposes and a chance to develop a peer-to-peer relationship with potential partnership opportunities.

The content you create can be either a published interview or a webinar, or even a live Q&A session why hangouts to generate even more buzz.

6. Revive some good old posts in a book

If you have been blogging for quite a while, you have a lot of content piled up in the achieve section of your website. Give those posts a second life and compile them into a book.

Publishing a book increases your industry authority and is a great way to attract new readers to your blog. In fact, with self-publishing gone so common and easy, it won’t cost too much time and money.

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Dianna is a former ESL teacher and World Teach volunteer, currently living in France. She's slightly addicted to apps and viral media trends and helps different companies with product localization and content strategies. You can tweet her at @dilabrien

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