6 Tech Companies That Are Growing Fast (and Hiring)

February 1, 2016

3:27 pm

Is your current job feeling a little stale? Are you working for a company that isn’t really going anywhere, or even worse, failing? Wouldn’t it be nice to work for a company that’s on the up and up, doing exciting things, and has a great culture?

The Muse is a career site that posts hiring opportunities from the country’s leading startups and tech companies. They also give great career and productivity advice. They also know a thing or two about what companies need to do to hire and retain great talent.  When it comes to the kinds of jobs millennials are looking for, this site is pretty much the place to go.

Here are just some of the companies that The Muse has featured lately that are crushing it, possibly on track to becoming the next startup unicorns (there might possibly be another Airbnb in this list), and who are also actively looking for incredible talent to keep them on that upward trajectory.

1. TrackMaven

TrackMaven is an analytics platform provides data that helps digital marketers create amazing content and competitive campaigns. They are one of the rising stars in the Washington, DC tech space with clients including Cisco, Marriott, AOL, and the NBA.

2. Influenster

Influenster is a product discovery and review platform where brands connect with influential consumers who share opinions with social networks. In the last six years they’ve grown to a massive community of over 1.5 million product mavens and social media influencers.

3. UpWork

Upwork has been around for less than two years but has already grown to be the largest online freelance talent marketplace. Formerly named Elance and oDesk, they are taking full advantage of the growing gig economy. Not only do they help freelancers find jobs, they’ve managed to help some of them start successful businesses of their own.

4. Fashion GPS

Fashion GPS is one of the older companies on this list, having been around for 10 years. They create technology solutions for the fashion industry and help brands transform their launch to market. The team-focused culture even does lunches, happy hours, and gym classes together.

5. Symphony

Symphony offers open-source, secure communication and workflow platforms for clients around the world. They foster a culture of ownership where every team member is encouraged to “own” the vertical in which they work within the company. In the fall of 2015 they raised a $100 million funding round from investors including Google.

6. Duarte

Duarte creates impactful presentations by applying storytelling and visual thinking to help their clients shift audience belief and behaviors.  CEO Nancy Duarte was named one of the 40 Women To Watch Over 40 for 2013. The company operates out of Sunnyvale, CA and employees find themselves upfront and center in an exciting and changing business landscape.

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Kristin is an aspiring entrepreneur who is enthusiastically navigating her way through the DC startup space. She has an unending passion for learning and is never satisfied with the status quo. During the day she is an ops, biz dev, and marketing maven for Fission Strategy

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