6 Tips for Breaking Through with Branded Videos

March 13, 2015

3:30 pm

Ever since video streaming capabilities first arrived, marketers have been convinced that the versatile format is the way of the future. And they weren’t wrong.

Video isn’t just a platform that elevates the status of companies – it’s a strategic tool that brands of any size can use. When properly executed, branded videos create lasting first impressions, evoke emotional responses, promote positive public perception, drive consumer sales and more.

It’s no wonder that marketers around the world have turned to the popular medium to create viral hit after viral hit. And though benchmarks for success are high as competition for attention remains fierce, there are a number of ways entrepreneurs and tech experts can tap into a brave new world.


  1. Take Initiative and Anticipate Growing Trends

According to a recent report from CISCO, online video content will increase threefold over the next four years and will account for 72 percent of all mobile data traffic by 2019.

This means that branded videos will likely be short, because most users will view content across various mobile devices. Any business that strives to create viral content should be aware of what’s happening around them and plan accordingly.


  1. Reorient Your Brand in the Eyes of Your Audience

Branded videos are perfect delivery systems for important messages, and they’re very effective at positioning a company within the marketplace.

When Anthony, a well-known provider of premium skincare products, partnered with Grungy Gentlemen to create a branded video that pushed their flagship product into uncharted territory, the results were immediate.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXqCHVeGxEc]

Source: http://grungygentleman.com/anthony

The edgy viral video ad campaign, “Wake Up Call” redefined the brand’s image in the eyes of its audience. Today, the newly aligned product (and company) enjoys increased recognition in an oversaturated market.


  1.  Reach Your Target with a “Someone Like Me” Message

It’s okay for your videos to be self-servicing if they are relatable to your target audience. Dollar Shave Club perfected this tactic with “Our Blades are F***ing Great” product video. Combining the perfect mix of humor, charm, and a succinct product description resulted in a viral video hit for the brand.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI]

Source: http://blog.visual.ly/video-marketing-examples/


This particular video went viral not because of stunning craftsmanship. Let’s face it; it looked like a single-take walkthrough. However, the audience was left feeling like they could relate to the Mike’s clumsy humor and the need for an affordable razor thanks to a succinct and hilarious script.

When brands do this, even low-budget video campaigns can become extremely effective at cultivating a following and initiating buzz.


  1. Create Anticipation and Manage your Budget

Many small businesses and tech start-ups begin their forays into the world of online marketing via social media and other free-to-use, cross-promotional platforms. Even when a modest amount is spent on producing quality content, success is rarely far behind.

The trick is to ensure that the video receives attention within three days of launch, otherwise the chances of it going viral dramatically decrease. Building early momentum is crucial and has a lot to do with creating anticipation.

You’ll need to account for relevant expenses within your budget. Approach the project knowing full-well that you either go big and go early, or go home. Treat the release like a product launch and back it up with a complete marketing campaign.


  1. Set Realistic Goals and Surprise Your Followers

A lot of planning and preparation goes into the making of branded videos. This makes sense despite the fact that such content is created with a non-profit mentality. Everything branded videos are designed to do theoretically translates into intangible rewards that may generate revenue. But nothing is guaranteed.

Implement surprise and delight tactics wherever possible. This will take the focus off your brand while you engage with your fans and followers. Of course, if you’re clear about the content’s direction from the outset, consumers won’t mind it as much when you tie everything back to your business.

Regardless of your message or budget, it generally helps if you start by answering questions that address your specific needs.

Visual storytelling is, after all, a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And it can benefit your brand in ways you never thought possible, provided you do it right.

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