6 Tips to Rock Your Customer Support

February 17, 2016

5:00 pm

Customer satisfaction is the key element of your business success.  In today’s uber-connected world, getting closer to the customers is the new marketing mantra. When the advertising is everywhere and the competition is tough, the best strategy to win your customers’ hearts and wallets is to connect with them on a personal level.

How? By offering a better customer support experience in the first place. Here are the top 6 tips to help you get started.

1. Answer the Common Questions Before They Are Asked

A detailed FAQ page will save heaps of time both for your customer support reps and inquisitive customers. Here are a few essential rules for a winning FAQ page:

  • Structure the information properly. Create dedicated question categories e.g. general questions, delivery, product details, refunds, terms of use etc. To avoid making your page overwhelmingly long morph similar questions into one category and hide them under the cut.
  • Keep the texts simple. Use the exact language your customers use and don’t be afraid to sound too obvious. Use their slang and make your explanations so easy that even a five year old can understand how this feature works.
  • Make sure the questions are indeed frequent. Don’t dump all the questions your customer support has ever received into this page. Or just the things you consider to be essential for your customers. Updating your FAQ page frequently should be on your agenda too.

2. Outline Your Response Time

Don’t keep your customers hanging and clicking refresh in their email box. Create an autoresponder that clearly states when the support rep will get back to them e.g. in 24/36 hours. Also, make sure you offer additional fast lane options e.g. phone or chat for urgent queries.

Bonus tip: urge your customer support to attend all queries earlier to exceed the client’s expectations and earn a bonus loyalty point.

3. Opt for 3rd-Party Customer Support Software

Developing your own customer-backend integration will set you back for a tiny fortune. There are better ways to use for your finances anyways.

Zendesk offers a great bundle of tools to create an efficient communication funnel with your customers and attend all the tickets efficiently. If you don’t feel ready to invest in a paid solution, check out Charity – free live support chat software, which you can install in just a few clicks.

4. Offer Customer Support via Social Media

According to a recent survey, nearly 50% of customers ask questions, file complains or express satisfaction via social media.  Dedicated Twitter accounts for customer support are old, yet effective trick successfully used by a number of companies.

The key here is to offer fast replies and guide users to the right direction – a page answering their question; support email contact or a link to your ticketing system. This will help you to unclog the customer support channels and pre-moderate requests more effectively for faster resolution.

5. Don’t Mess Up with Customers’ Privacy

Here’s an all-so-common scenario. You type in a question about your order via live chat and among the first things the agent asks is your complete credit card data to look up the order.

That’s an example of total customer privacy neglecting. Asking and providing sensitive information via insecure channels should be a huge no-no for your company. With all the recent data breaches and the rising concerns about online privacy, most of your clients will not only refuse to provide such details, but leave with a negative image of your business. Asking for sensitive information is a quick way to lose your credibility and blow up the trust levels.

6. Pipe Down the Tech Jargon

Make sure your support team understands that not every client has a full understanding of industry-specific or technical terminology. Train your staff to answer all questions in simple, direct language. If they need to provide a lengthy explanation, make sure all the details are broken into digestible points, well formatted and easy-to-follow.

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