6 Tips to Increasing Email Signups

November 10, 2016

9:27 am

Writing blogs that capture an audience is no easy task and it’s a necessary task for companies who want to expand their brand message and engage your community of readers. But getting new readers to sign up for your blog posts and newsletters can be a challenge. If you are scratching your head and wondering what to do next to boost subscribers, here are six things you can do right now to increase your email sign-ups (for free).

Twitter Lead Generation

If you have a Twitter account, pin a tweet encouraging people to sign-up to your blog. If you are using Twitter Ads, instead of pinning a regular tweet with a link to your blog, use Twitter’s Lead Generation Card to pin a tweet that includes a signup form from your Twitter account page and having people sign up directly from Twitter will increase the signup rate.

See below how Justin Wu (AKA Hackapreneur) did it on his Twitter page:


Facebook Sign-up Button

For Facebook, you can add a sign-up button to your page as I did below on Marketing Ramen’s Facebook page; Similar to Twitter, you can pin a post that encourages people to sign up to your mailing list, to the top of your page’s Timeline. The post will remain on top until it is removed or unpinned. Since I use MailChimp for my email marketing, I created a dedicated list on my Mailchimp account and linked it to the button in order to track the leads that source from my Facebook page.


Visible Blog Tab in Website Navigation

For your website, keep the blog tab visible in your navigation menu. If visitors see that there is a blog on your website, the more likely they will visit the blog and eventually sign up for it. 

Here are 2 examples of a good placement of the blog tab in navigation bars, and 2 not so great ones:

#Good: blog tab is in the top menu:


Another good example:


#Bad: blog tab is hiding in submenu:


Another not so great example:


Subscription Popup

Add a popup that will invite your visitors to sign up for the blog when they visit your website.


If your website is based on WordPress, there are several free plugins you can use to add a popup to your website. My all-time favorite and highly popular is SumoMe but you can also check out HelloBar or the MailChimp plugin if you use Mailchimp for your email marketing. One thing to note, using “pop-ups” that encourage people to sign up for your blog on different pages of your website unrelated to your blog topics will be out of context.

If your website is not WordPress based, you can also add a popup, you just need a programmer to help you with it.

Gated Content

If your audience is providing information about themselves to receive a product or service, I suggest to use any piece of gated marketing content you may have in your possession. It can be a white paper, a case study or whatever you think would be beneficial to your visitors.

Here’s a great example from Hubspot. The field at the bottom of the form allows the users to check the box in order to subscribe to Hubspot’s blog.


Recruit External Websites

Having your content promoted by other websites can be helpful. Seek out websites that are the best blogs in your niche or industry and reach out to them to include you in their future posts.

In addition to exploring the opportunity of being featured on those blogs, you may also improve your SEO rankings for “best X blogs” or similar keywords by posting an article on your website listing the best blogs in your industry.

Promoting your website on third party websites may require payment, but from my experience, these organic lists are a great source of traffic because usually their readers have a strong intent to search for your product or have interest in the industry in place.


Moran Barnea Moran Barnea
Moran is a marketing advisor with the Techstars accelerator in Tel Aviv and the founder of Marketing Ramen, marketing strategies for startups on a budget. She’s building marketing strategies and helping startups grow. For full bio – moranbarnea.com, connect with her @moran_barnea.

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Moran is a marketing advisor with the Techstars accelerator in Tel Aviv and the co-founder of No CMO, online marketing strategies for founders and companies without a CMO. She is a full-stack marketer, building marketing and business strategies for successful startups. For full bio – moranbarnea.com, connect with her @moran_barnea.

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