6 Top Dynamics of Creating a Perfect Ecommerce Website for Your Business

November 29, 2014

10:00 am

When you run an ecommerce business, you need a website. There is no getting around it. The problem is you can’t have just any website. You need something that stands out and gets people visiting. Here are the five essential tips you need to follow to create the perfect ecommerce website for your business.

1) Keep the Pages Short and Simple


There’s no need to know about your customers’ life histories. All you really need is their name and an email address. From there, your email marketing will do the rest. It’s best to keep your website pages short and sweet. People don’t want lengthy sales pages and sign up forms, especially when they’re using their mobile devices to do the searching.

The quicker the process is for them, the more likely they are to do what you want. That helps your return on investment.

2) Remember Your Call to Actions


Your pages need call to actions. These tell your customers what you want them to do next. If you don’t tell them, how do they know that you want them to click on a certain button or go to a certain page? They don’t! Chances are they’ll do something you least expected.

Think about the size, colour and position of your call to action buttons. Don’t have them? Get creating them now! People like buttons that stand out. It makes it super easy for them when it comes to buying.

3) Don’t Make Them Register


Remember that point about keeping pages short and simple? The last thing customers want to do is register for a site. They’re only going to do it on sites that they know they will return to, which is why Amazon still gets away with it. Most of the time, people simply want to buy a product and move on.

You don’t need people to register. Remember that point about all you need is their email address? This is the way to keep in touch with them and keep selling to them.

4) Make Searching Easy to Do


Customers prefer the search function. They don’t want to spend hours browsing through various pages on your website, nor do they want to navigate through your menus. Most people will come to your website with a purchase already in mind. That means your ecommerce website needs to tailor to that. A search function does just that.

Make the search function clear and easy to find. Having it at the top of each page is usually the best way to go. When you do add a search function, make sure it works the way customers expect. Go through thorough testing to ensure the exact products that customers are searching for turn up.

5) Use a High Quality Shopping Cart


Nothing turns a customer off than a poor shopping cart. This is their money they’re spending, so they want to feel confident that their details are going to the right person. It’s essential that you set up a payment system that is free from bugs and secure.

Always make sure your security certificate is up to date. People are not going to share their confidential information if they don’t see a secure page. Anybody could get a hold of their details! There are a lot of high quality plugins and companies offering great shopping carts. Find the one that works well with your site, and is easy to navigate for your customers.

6) Website Builders for Ecommerce


Using a website builder for your ecommerce website can be the quickest way to getting your website up and running. One of the biggest advantages is the way the builders are already programmed to work for your customers. All you have to do is customise them to suit your own business and store. There’s no need to worry about too much programming.

There are a number of website builders out there that will help you for your needs. Some of the most popular options are:

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