7 Amazing Holiday Gifts for Your Dude

December 19, 2012

2:54 pm

It’s holiday time, and nothing spells holiday spirit quite like a healthy dose of consumerism.  As someone whose inbox doubles as an ocean of gadget pitches and press releases, combined with my inherent knack for awesome hunting, I feel compelled to share a few of the best gift ideas to cross my path.  With being a single dude, however, there is no one more ill-equipped to tell you what to gift a female.  In other words, these gifts may be every bit as ideal for your special lady, but I am highly unqualified to make such a statement.

What I do know- is the seven gifts below will cause your dude to do an exhausting amount of celebratory air punches.

1) Taster’s Club Whiskey of the Month

What’s the only substance on earth superior to whiskey?  Trick question!  Whiskey is paramount (I would’ve also accepted “bacon”).  The only way to improve upon whiskey- is a whiskey subscription.  Enter Taster’s Club Whiskey of the Month, a monthly whiskey delivery startup based out of San Francisco, CA.  First select between the scotch ($75/month) or bourbon ($65/month) packages, and each month your dude gets his issue of Whiskey 101, an educational course that includes in-depth information on how his whiskey was crafted, flavor profiles, and distillery information.

2) TaskOne iPhone Toolkit

Sure your smartphone can stream the latest episode of Homeland, determine your exact distance from the Corn Palace, and eliminate bordem indefinitely with some less than happy birds, but can it cut a steak?  It can if it has TaskOne’s iPhone Toolkit, a 16-tool (!) iPhone case fully equipped with knife, sawblade, screwdrivers, wrench, wire cutters, ruler, and bottle opener, amongst others.  Don’t sleep on this one as their Indiegogo campaign expires in a week.

3) Star Wars Boxed Set

Although admittedly not a Star Wars fan (and cue hate-mail in 3…2…), I am in a very small minority (see: complete isolation) amongst my friends.  Watching one Star Wars movie is a lot like eating one pistachio, it requires a Siddhārtha Gautama level of self-control.  Instead of teasing your dude with only one Star Wars movie, give him the gift of 15 wasted hours with the complete Six-Episode Star Wars Boxed Set.

4) Instant Regret Spicy Peanut Butter

Basic taste science: Spicy food is great.  Peanut butter- also great.  What happens when you combine the two?  Only God – and dudes who have been gifted Instant Regret Spicy Peanut Butter – will ever know.  Toilet paper sold separately.

5)  Zingerman’s Bacon Club

It’s earth’s greatest air freshener, heroine to the taste buds, and reason enough to do a cartwheel out of bed in the morning.  Of course, I refer to bacon.   No gift list is complete without the fatty, sizzling, porky mouth love, and Zingerman’s Bacon Club offers up a healthy dose (so to speak) of the good stuff each month.  WARNING: Dating population may be at high risk for instant proposal.

6) Pocket Beer Tasting Journal

If beer consumption were an Olympic sport, your beau would be belly deep in medals.  Because the line between aficionado and alcoholism may only be separated by note taking, help him onto the right side of the fence by getting him a 33 Beers Pocket Tasting Journal, (and at $4 per booklet, the price is right).   At the very least, it will ensure that he’s tasked with a bit of homework between Christmas Ales.

7)  Leather SmartPhone Gloves

Anyone who’s tried to send a text post bar-close during a Midwest winter knows first hand that friendship takes a backseat to preventing frostbite.  Now, with Mujjo’s Leather SmartPhone Gloves, your dude doesn’t have to choose between baring skin to absolute zero and communicating with his out-of-town guest.  And he can avoid painting his iPhone screen in sausage grease.

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