7 effective productivity tools that you’ve never heard of

October 2, 2015

10:00 pm

When you’re running a startup, or you’re an entrepreneur, you often find yourself scrambling to get things done because you don’t have ‘enough’ time. There are many ways we can become more productive whether it be using tools, apps and mental strategies to complete and get things done. However, these can’t be the only sole strategies to be more productive.

While there are many different tools on the market, including startup-household names such as Slack and Dropbox, there are seven tools you most likely haven’t heard of which can help you become more productive.


Through scientific research, it’s proved that the ambiance of coffee shops is great for your productivity as it provides the right amount of environmental noises for maximum output.

Well, you don’t have to be in a coffee shop to get the same ambient background, there’s an app for that.

Coffitivity is one of the best tools when you are a freelance entrepreneur in a busy environment. It recreates the ambient noises of a cafe to boost your creativity and help produce better quality work. Coffitivity is Supported by scientific evidence and is backed by the creative community all around the world who are using the app every day.

Coffitivity really is the perfect addition to your workday arsenal! This tool generates 70 decibels of constant ambient sound can improve and enhance creative cognition. This level of noise is typically associated with coffee shops, and now Coffitivity enables you to take that creative environment anywhere!

Cold Turkey

If you’re like me, you often get distracted when it comes to browsing online and doing work. We all do it. But what if there was a way where any temptation to get distracted from your core work?

Cold Turkey is one of my favorite tools which does just that. It is a great tool to keep yourself away from distraction and concentrate on what matters. You can block unwanted sites and apps for a specific period by setting up a timer. So, it doesn’t mean you can’t view other sites later on after the task is completed, it just helps you concentrate on the task at hand. The basic version free but only contains email support. Pro version costs 14.99$ per month and has email support, free updates, multiple installation, and 30-day guarantee features.


Yanado is another unknown tool to many startups that I’ve consulted with. It’s a project management tool that is inside your Gmail. It’s a Chrome extension to simplify your day to day tasks. You will not need to juggle between Gmail and project management tools. You will get all the updates at one place. You will be able to increase productivity by saving time and get more work done. It is free for a team of 5 people. Paid plan starts from 3.75$/month. Premium version costs $9/month. I strongly recommend this tool developer and business/marketing teams.


When you’re bombarded with information overload and many amazing content pieces you stumble upon, you can’t always read them right from the get go. It’s important to read content that will help your business, but sometimes you need to prioritize the work that needs to get done. Raindrop is a great tool that does just that.

Raindrop is very similar to Pocket, but the UI is much cleaner. It’s a Mac app for bookmarking files and viewing it later. You can collect your favorite articles, pictures, videos from the web and view it later. You can group and organize bookmarks into collections and tags to help you find them faster. Each collection will have a unique look and feel with custom icon and view.


If you’re a business owner and want a high-quality and affordable online video conference streaming service, then GoToMeeting is perfect for you.

It is a great tool to conduct an online meeting with relative ease. No sign- up or download is required. You can start a meeting almost instantly with your members and share the screen with up to 3 people. Every meeting has a unique link. You just need to send the link to others so that they can join from wherever they are!

Founded X Startup Stats

One of the biggest deciding factors when running your startup or own online business, is here the target customers are and where growth opportunities exist geographically.

Founded X Startup‘s statistics helps you find your perfect startup location. All countries in the world have their unique advantages and characteristics. It contains country wise statistics and factors you can evaluate to measure the effective to launch your startup in a specific region.


Networking and meetings are one of the most important aspects of business development. If you’re managing multiple clients or multiple email addresses, most likely, you have scheduled meetings across all addresses. Not only that, if you’re a large business with many employees with different meeting schedules, you want to stay on top of what’s happening currently and the days and weeks ahead. FreeBusy is the best tool for collaborating for scheduling meetings.

It is the easiest way to share availability across calendars free. FreeBusy works with all calendar systems, whether personal or corporate and across organizational boundaries. You can set your availability and know when your partners are free as well and schedule plan accordingly.

While not all these tools will instantly solve your problems of being inefficient, it will go a long way towards becoming a maximum output entrepreneur.

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