Our 7 Favorite Startups in Eureka Park at CES 2014

January 8, 2014

3:51 pm

We’re already into Day 2 of the 2014 International CES, and it has been packed full of excitement, big announcements, and awe-inspiring displays of electronic prowess. But the Consumer Electronics Association made sure to provide more than just the big names for all the 150,000 attendees.

While the main bulk of the conference is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, there are other areas designated for activities that pack just as big of a punch. The Venetian hotel was one such place and it was home to Eureka Park, a conglomeration of startups showcasing their best stuff.

The entrepreneurial spirit that powers a large portion of the industry can easily be lost amidst the waves of hype provided by the big-name companies. However CEA knows that, and they also know that CES is a showcase of all things big and small, and Eureka Park was a smashing hit.

“We love the community here at CES,” says the Local Motors team. “We love being able to be part of something bigger than ourselves.”

“I could schedule meetings all day, but CES is one week where everybody from our specific field is brought together,” says Corey Egan, founder of iLumi. “We can build new relationships in the blink of an eye.”

The celebration of entrepreneurs will blaze on all week for those who want to pick their favorite startups, but here are our favorite 7 eye-grabbing companies form the mix:

Mooltibox (Versailles, France): This software company designed a physical product to deliver the SaaS side of their business. The Small Office Platform (SMOP) combines high-end and professional grade features – like cloud access, HD audio, artificial intelligence, and multi-device connectivity – to maximize your small office productivity.


Integrated Surface Technology (Menlo Park, CA): If you’ve ever dropped your phone in a pool, toilet, or bathtub, then you know that immediate and crushing feeling of, “It’s gone forever.” However, IST wants to change that by providing Repellix supermolecular ceramic coatings that guarantee a lifelong waterproof seal.


Undergroundmusic.FM (Washington D.C.): This platform provides simple and free access to new underground music. The songs are uploaded to the platform directly by the producing artists and are then curated by the community. It’s free to use, allows direct access to the artists, and has no consumption or territory limits; it’s the way they think music should be.


Future Motion (Palo Alto, CA): Attention all skateboards – watch your back. Future Motion has developed Onewheel, a self-balancing electric skateboard that utilizes Segway-like controls. They recently launched their Kickstarter campaign and are already over 50 percent funded.


Freak’n Genius (Seattle, WA): Is life a joke to you? Do you like to poke fun at your family members? With YAKiT, by the scientists at Freak’n Genius, you can make pictures talk, create animated videos, and share the hilarity with your friends, family, and co-wokers. Now nobody is safe from your antics.

Yes, that’s me – courtesy of Freak’n Genius.

Petzila (San Jose, CA): Smartphones and dogs are two of humankind’s best friends. That’s why Petzila built a mechanized treat dispenser that can be controlled with your smartphone. Use the one-way audio to get your dog’s attention, check up on Fido with the built-in webcam, and automatically give treats as rewards for good behavior.


TREW Grip (Cincinnati, OH): If you think you’re a fast typist, think again; the conventional keyboard limits us, or so says the team at TREW Grip. That’s why they designed a unique keyboard that opens brand new doors for fast and efficient typing that is easy to adopt. Most users shatter their old records within a few hours of use.


Tech Cocktail is an official media partner of the 2014 International CES.

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