7 Gadgets We’ll See in 2015

January 24, 2015

12:00 pm

The world is full of gizmo freaks these days. The courtship between mankind and machine is destined to reach its peak in 2015. With thousand of innovative ideas getting poured in into the scene every moment, enthusiastic entrepreneurs ready to invest millions of dollars every day, and billions of users ready with their aspirations to catch hold of what’s newest in the market, we can only learn to expect more & more. With increasing influx of gadgets it also could be a bit disconcerting if you don’t know how to make your way out of this labyrinth of technical prospects. With these wild ideas in mind, we present the top 7 gadgets we should see in 2015:

No smart phones anymore; it’s a smart watch

Watches have always been an attractive medium to associate the latest technology with. Starting from the days of James Bond movies, this trend has spread and continued to portray watches as more useful than a simple timekeeper. Fueling this imagination of mankind like never before, Apple is offering watches that are smart to the extreme.  These watches do show time on the primary interface, but iPhone capabilities will power the back end.

VR sphere

The social media mogul Facebook is advancing rapidly to take advantage of the ever-rising wave of Virtual Reality, beginning with its buying out of Oculus. This Virtual Reality head mounted display is one of biggest things for gadget lovers to watch. It’s not just Facebook, but also Sony and Samsung who have entered the VR realm. Morpheus and Gear VR will be fighting for their own space in the VR-sphere.

Excitement for Project Ara

Google and Motorola have come up with their unique solution for the problem of the incessant smartphone swap.  This is a phone which is promoting itself as a onetime buy. The phone is made up in modular form so that each part that needs replacing can be swapped, instead of waiting for an upgrade and shipping the whole thing back to the manufacturer. The same is applicable for updates and modifications in the phone. If you see a new camera on the market with better features than what your phone has, you can upgrade the camera in modular way without going for an entire new purchase.

Then there is NYMI

Gaining access to daily devices is a twofold problem: remembering passwords and having other methods of access duplicated. NYMIs are wearable devices to unlock your devices with your heartbeat. NYMI is a gadget which gets articulated by the use of your heartbeat. Try replicating that, hackers! Watch for this device in 2015.

Not only earphones but the dash

Wireless earphones are nothing new. The Dash, which starts out as a wireless earbud, also helps you to track your fitness, and guess what, also acts as a microphone. As we delve deeper we will see that the Dash is nothing less than a physiologist connected to you as long as you keep them in your ears. The Dash will measure the vital stats of your body and will give you run time feedback on your health. If you have already started feeling excited, hold back, because you will still have to wait up till April 2015.

TVs that are 4K but cheaper

4K TVs are nothing new to most of the avid technology followers but in 2014 it primarily failed to live up to the expectations that were build around it due to high price points. The price points were so high that it failed to register itself as a conventional medium. But this time they are quite resolute to make their presence felt in the mainstream. LG and Sony, both these electronics giants are ready to come up with 4K that is expected to replace 1080p soon.

Apple again: CarPlay

This list began with an Apple product, and it will end with one, too; that’s how influential Apple is in the realm of technological innovation & thinking. CarPlay is an application that features Siri voice and assists the driver of a car for directions, mobile calls, music streaming, and many more interesting features. Apple has already made deals with big automobile ventures all around the world to sublet the technology.


2015 really seems to be a year of thousand opportunities on the front of technological innovation. Which gadgets will come to market, and which are just tall tales of innovation?

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Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing Android game development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.

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