7 HR Mistakes That Will Make Your Employees Consider Quitting

October 18, 2017

9:20 am

There’s no denying that HR departments get a bad wrap. Whether it’s Toby on The Office or just your everyday workplace complaints, these employees have dedicated their time to making sure the office runs smoothly. Unfortunately, this kind of job can lead to a lot of costly mistakes that could have employees rethinking their position at the company.

According to a study from Paychex, there are a few HR faux pas that can lead to some serious backlash. From a lack of empathy in the workplace to issues with personal time, this study surveyed 1,000 employees at a wide range of different companies to find out which HR mistakes are the worst. And the answers were far from surprising.

“We asked our survey respondents which HR offenses would make them pack up their belongings and quit,” wrote the authors of the study. “Entry-level employees were most concerned with growth and training opportunities, while middle-level, management, and senior-level employees ranked fair pay highest on their scales.”

Unfair pay, at nearly every level, was the biggest problem for employees. Even management and senior level employees struggled with this, showing that Millennials aren’t the only ones suffering from a lack of funds. However, the number one HR faux pas isn’t the only thing that’s interesting about this study.

“Senior-level employees were about twice as likely as middle-level employees and three times as likely as management to cite lack of empathy as a reason for quitting.”

That’s right, low-level employees aren’t the only ones tired of being treated like cogs in a machine. Senior-level employees stated that a lack of empathy was one of the largest reasons they would consider quitting a position. This bodes well for a corporate structure that has paltry respect for the little guys that keep their companies running smoothly. Change, we can only hope, might be on the horizon.

Check out the full study here and take a gander at the full graph below to get a better picture of what HR mistakes you should be avoiding:

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