7 Quick Notes About Google+

June 28, 2011

5:08 pm

It’s been a busy day over at Google.  First they soft launch What Do You Love, and now they’ve returned for another bite at the proverbial “social” apple with Google+.

Asserted to not be a competitor to Facebook, Google+ is the company’s best foot forward to create a social community.  It’s tagline: “Real life sharing rethought for the web.”

Currently out in limited field trial, here are 7 quick notes to consider before you get your feet wet with the new project.

1. Google claims that Google+ isn’t a competitor to Facebook.  However, it’s hard to believe that this initiative wasn’t created with Facebook in the cross-hairs. In fact, the Google blog has linked to a story, “Google+ is the Social Network We’ve All Been Waiting For”.

2. Google+ is a “project”, as opposed to a product or platform.  Nuanced or not, it appears Google is attempting to brand the initiative as a tool as opposed to a website.

3. The platform is currently comprised of four primary areas: 1. Circles (groups of people), 2. Sparks (conversation starters), 3. Hangouts (online interaction including video), 4. Mobile (the ability to share on the go).

4. The name could be better.  Is it Google+, Google Plus or GooglePlus?

5. Currently in the wild as a “limited field trial” Google may be repeating its not-as-successful-as-hoped roll out strategy of Google Wave. Without a critical mass of users, will the product fall flat?

6. Facebook provides limited functionality to export ones’ friends, so Google+ users will need to begin building their friends from their existing e-mail/gmail contacts.

7. Google originally blogged about the project and introduced its features at 10:45am PST.

Watch the video demo of the Google+ project (below) to see how it works.

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