7 Reasons You Should Attend Lean Startup Machine Ultimate in San Francisco

November 18, 2013

2:04 pm

Lean Startup Machine Ultimate is a hands-on, 3-day workshop that teaches entrepreneurs the Lean Startup methodologies made famous in The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

But I’m guessing you’ve already read the book; why then should you attend the conference?  We reached out to our friends at the Lean Startup Machine to give us seven damn good reasons on why their upcoming San Francisco workshop is not to be missed.

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Lean Startup Machine Ultimate

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1. Meet hundreds of other Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Lean Startup Machine Ultimate is hosting the largest ever Lean Startup workshop with over 250 entrepreneurs from all over the world. It would be held in San Francisco from Dec 6- Dec 8 with speakers and mentors teaching you lean startup methodologies and their applications in product, customer and business model development. It has conducted over 150 workshops across the world in 50 cities and the methodology has trained over 25,000 entrepreneurs across 6 continents.

2. Learn how to execute ideas that make a difference to the real world.

“LSM provided teams with the guidance and encouragement to get scrappy and validate assumptions early, before you actually build anything. This is extremely valuable advice, especially if you work for a company like Bright, where we have a million and one ideas, but a limited amount of time and resources to execute our top priorities. I’m excited to try out what I’ve learned at Bright, in real-world scenarios.”

– Aaron Rucker, Product Manager at Bright.com

3. Change the way you work with your clients

” Not only has Lean Startup changed our approach to our own product ideas, it has changed how we work with our clients. Rather than jumping straight into designing and coding a web site or app, we’re helping clients first identify and validate their assumptions – quickly and cheaply – and then change course or scrap the idea when necessary.”

–  Karen Gill, Managing Partner at Marketade

4. Every Game Has a Winner. LSM Has No Loser.

“Even though our team won Lean Startup Machine Boston, the real prize was the learning experience. Everyone who made it to the end of the weekend gained a strong understanding of the lean methodology. Whether you were bothering bystanders with questions, twitter spamming to the point of suspension, or messaging everyone in your LinkedIn network, everyone eventually understood the fundamental point: Fail Fast, Succeed Faster”

– Patrick Houwer and Joshua Goldberg, LSM Winners, Safe Route

5. Stop noise and save costs

“News International has some fascinating products in the pipeline which have been born out of the lean program. They recently launched Sun Smile, a very simple application that took two weeks to take from an idea to reality, a year back they claim it would have never happened. The application Sun Smile has not been live long and it’s only available on a limited basis but it’s proven to match what they wanted, anticipated and surpassed it. News International had a nice influx of media coverage around the launch and the public response was great. The idea stemmed from a wider marketing campaign they were undertaking, but the concept was born from speaking with the public.”

-Ted Nash, Product Manager at News Corp

6. It surpasses all your expectations

“When I originally looked around for product management training for my team, I was looking for something that would combine training in light agile methods (aka SCRUM) and customer development. I had previously attended several agile training workshops and a startup machine boot camp by Women 2.0. While I enjoyed the agile training sessions, there was an indisputable quality of “fire in your belly” in the boot camp weekend that I thought was engaging in a special way. I hoped that the Lean Startup Machine workshop would be a great combination of the two. In fact, I was thrilled to see that the weekend surpassed my—and most importantly, the teams—expectations, and that everyone enjoyed the experience.”

-LisaKostova Ogata, VP of Product at Bright.com

7. Learn the methodology by doing

“I’ve been working with starting businesses since 2001. All through that time I had been looking for a concept like the “lean startup”. I knew these general ideas were important – I saw the best startups were doing something along these lines. But I didn’t know how to learn it. There was no way. Now we have Lean Startup Machine. I took it and it changed my life, FINALLY I was able to learn the pieces I was missing. Lean Startup Machine costs a few hundred dollars. It’s worth tens of thousands of dollars. I would pay that in cash without blinking now, knowing how important it was that I learned. It is *not* interchangeable with other hackathons or events. It certainly isn’t like reading the book. You have to go to Lean Startup Machine only.”

– Adrian Bye, CEO of MeetInnovators.com

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