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7 Usability Testing Tools You Need Now

November 16, 2015

11:11 am

If you have a business with a website, you know that there are always things you can do in order to make that website better, and easier for your visitors to use. This is where web usability tools come in. The role of testing usability is often left to a UX designer in your company, but not everyone can afford to hire one full-time or even on contract. If there are usability errors in your website, people aren’t going to use it, and even if yours is the greatest business in the world, no one will know about it. The following usability tools will make your website much better and easier to use. These tools come with a price, but what you will get in return more than offsets the monthly fees to use the tools. (You can also try paying this guy to get drunk and check-up on the usability of your site).

1. UserEcho

This tool lets you survey customers, and it offers support. This is a great way to get the date you need about features that users would like to see on your website. You can try this service for free for a limited time, and then there will be a monthly usage fee if you choose to continue using it.

echo2. Optimal Workshop

Here you will find three tools that will test the usability of your website. You can have all of these tools on a free-for-life plan, although there are some limitations. Trying these free tests may be limited, but it is a great way to help you decide if you want to try the paid tests. Tools include Chalkmark (click testing for the web design), Optimal Sort (this is for card sorting), and Treejack (this will show you how people are interacting with the site structure).

optimal3. Usabilla

There are loads of features here depending on the plan you choose, including feedback widgets that allow you to gather email UX data, click heatmaps, targeted feedback forms, mobile feedback, and exit surveys.

usabilla4. Outsprung

No matter how good are the online tools, sometimes to get a second pair of eyes on your website is the best option.  Outsprung offers online usability consultaions, provides feedback on content, design, and SEO. Service helps to improve user experience, performance optimization and increase conversion rate.

outsprung5. Usability Hub

While you do have to pay for the tools at Usability Hub, you can help test other sites and earn free tests yourself. Some of the tools here include Click Test (tests clicks on landing pages), Five Second Test (tests the site design), and Nav Flow (tracks conversion funnels).

usabilityhub6. GTMektrix

If you have slowdown on your website, you can find out why by using this free tool. You have the option to use instant tests, or create your own account (use it once monthly to keep it active), and add pages to receive monthly reports. This is a great tool to use in order to find out what codes aren’t working on your site, and identify a variety of errors, including CSS, script, and image errors.

gtmetrix7. Five Second Test

This is from Usability Hub, and it is the best budget usability testing you will find. This has been created to get the first impressions of the site that your visitors have, and it only takes five seconds to run the test. Simply upload a screenshot or a mock-up of the page, with a question about the functionality or design. Testers have five seconds to look at the page and answer the question, and UsabilityHub checks out the responses.



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Jane Hurst is a freelance writer from San Francisco. She contributes to Lifehack and Thought Catalog.

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