7Dayz: The Story of Your Last 7 Days in Pictures

October 7, 2015

4:00 pm

Digital photography changed everything: according to Infotrends, by the end of this year, we will have taken 810 billion photos across the globe. Some say that number will reach a trillion in 2016. So what do we do with all those pictures? Social media grabs a portion of them, as we upload photos to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, there is 7dayz, which claims a spot in the agglomerated space.

Like with every other social media platform, 7dayz brings you “visual stories” from the people you follow. To see stories in your network, you start off by following people. Since it’s a freshly released social-media platform, it is somewhat limited at the moment, but it should grow in time — or not.


Overall, 7dayz’s design is user-friendly, although I couldn’t understand the design choice of the camera button.

Since 7dayz focuses on visual stories, it also packs some editing tools that you can use to tweak the images you choose to upload. (By the way, you can choose to upload a square or wide picture.) Images posted on 7dayz get “likes” in the form of “spreads” and text replies.

One of the notable 7dayz features is Moments: the app comes with 50 predefined life moments (categories), such as lifelogging, selfie, family, friends, sport, and school, which help users organize stories efficiently. That goes for both the user and the follower: you can view stories tagged with a specific life moment.

Users can discover what is happening around them using the “nearby” option, but a global feed is also available while they are waiting for their friends to join the network.

To summarize, 7dayz could turn your digital memories into a more organized “story of my life” with the help of Moments, and you can browse older stories based on a specific category or place. But 7dayz needs you to use it. However, without friends, every social network feels empty, so make sure they download the app, too.

7dayz is available for both iOS for free and Android version is coming soon.

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