8 Apps You Thought Were April Fools’ Day Jokes But Aren’t

April 1, 2015

12:30 pm

Pulling April Fools’ Day jokes on customers is a tradition companies continue to practice every year. From Richard Branson’s over-the-top prank to Google Map’s PacMan game, most people enjoy being punk’ed today.

What about when you hear a business idea so far-fetched that you think it’s a joke, but it turns to actually be real? The iTunes App Store has over 1.2 million apps, so it’s no surprise that a few of these apps may seem like pranks. The startup culture encourages experimentation because it may inspire better ideas, yet not every app idea should be turned into a company.

Apropos of April Fools Day, here are a few apps we cannot believe are real, but completely are. None of the apps we will mention were actually launched on April 1st but they sure had us laughing:

1. Burn Money App

Burn Money is a mobile app that allows users to digitally burn money and share it with friends. Users simply select the bill denomination that they would like to burn, pay that amount with real cash, and swipe to start the lighter. Their app is a social experiment to show that people are irrational and make questionable decisions. I wonder if we really need an app to prove irrational motivation – can’t we just look at history? The app is available on Android.

2. Drake Shake

We live in a culture obsessed with celebrities, but creating an app that puts artist Drake on all your pictures is too much. The app is extremely simple: upload a photo, shake your phone, and you get Drake in your selfie. I have to admit that once you start playing around with it you do have a laugh.

Drake Shake

Getting Draked.

3. My Talking Pet

This app lets users take a photo, speak into the microphone, and see their pet speak back to them. I admit I sometimes wonder what my dog would say to me if she could speak (I know!), but I think this is app is a bit much. It’s basically Doctor Doolittle on the go.

Talking pet

4. Yo App

I know the app successfully raised  $1.5 million from high profile investors last year, but you have to admit that you thought it was a joke at first. The only thing this app does is say “Yo” to another app user – that’s it! Even its founder, Moshe Hogeg, admitted the concept was “stupid.” This review by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report says it all:

5. iJiggle Your Mom

There are many apps out that help editing pictures. But then, we have those apps that help you change the size and shapes of objects to make them look ridiculous. Maybe it’s not my kind of humor, but making a cat jiggle is weird! This app not only has a jiggle mode but also a smear mode where you can smear images with your finger.


6. Somebody

What I like about the app is that it brings to life something that was sent digitally. So you can send your friend a message and a stranger will deliver it verbally! I’m not sure about the logistics of the whole operations, and when I checked out their website, it says it’s being rebuilt.

7. TD4W – Turn Down For What

According to TD4W’s developer, the intention of building this app was to create something simpler than Yo. And they succeeded. The app requires no button pressing at all to function. You just open it and it starts playing the hook of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s hit song, “Turn Down For What.” As if we didn’t have to hear that song enough times.

td4w app

8. Aggravate Nails On Chalkboard

Speaking of apps that annoy people, Aggravate is a take on a popular noise that makes us all cringe. This simple app gives the user the opportunity to annoy those around them by producing the universally repulsive sound of nails scratching a chalkboard. Why in the world would you want to hear the sound of the devil?!

Are there any apps that made you laugh? Share with Tech.Co, we always want to hear from you.

Image Credit: Matthias Ripp on Flickr

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