8 Packing Tips for the Business Traveler

November 18, 2015

10:00 am

Are you planning on booking your next business trip? Before you do, you need to give a little more attention to your packing style to help you maximize the space in your luggage. Here are a few packing tips to help you pack better to save time and energy and also have a good trip ahead.


This would help you to avoid putting random things into your suitcase and at the same time avoid missing out any useful item. Plan your trip and make a checklist. After you place all the things in your bag; read the checklist to make sure that you did not miss anything important.

Blueprint Working

After the checklist is made, lay out the things in a place to check how to make them fit into your suitcase. The first part is to make sure that you can hold all the items in your preferred bag. Else, you might need to cut short a few things or pick up a new bag. The second part is to arrange it in a way that the things that you need immediately should be on the top. In short, arrange it in chronological order.


Try to reduce your items so that it will fit inside a carry-on. If you are planning to use flight, this is an important step to make sure that you save a lot of time in airport and not be stressed and confused.


It is better to pack accessories that would suit all the outfits that you are packing. You cannot pack five shoes for your five day trip. The same goes with all kinds of accessories. Choose colors wisely as you would be saving a lot of space and time.

Stuff Items

If you want to save more spaces, you can stuff you shoes, undergarments and other items with smaller things. This would help you to remember where those small items are and also save a lot of space in your bag.

Roll Your Clothes

Instead of laying it flat, roll it up into a tube to reduce space and also cause less wrinkles on the cloth. This is a common tip that a lot of people follow.

Convenient Organization

Make a list of items that you might need every now and then during your travel. The most common items are your wallet, passport, ticket, identification card, inhalers and so on. Do not shovel them in the bottom of your bag. Have a hand luggage or organize your shirt pockets to fill these items.

Do Not Fill to Neck

Do not fill your bag to the neck. Always leave some space for additional items. This would come handy on your return trip when you might be buying a few items for your family or bringing home some important documents. Also pack a small empty bag in your luggage. This would help you to avoid bringing your dirty laundry in a plastic cover.

Make sure to use these tip in your next travel to reduce time, energy, space and also confusion. If you are someone who is travels often, these packing tips can come in handy.

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