8 Quick Tips for Improved Landing Page Optimization [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 30, 2015

7:00 pm

When it comes to online lead generation and sales, nothing works better than a good old fashion landing. While the concept of landing pages might not be anything new, how we track, analyze and split test data from these ‘pre-sell’ advertising methods is changing on a daily basis. As new tracking technology and advanced ad serving continues to change the way we target our demographic audience, this only further solidifies the importance of using landing pages in your ad campaigns.

What are Landing Pages and Why Do They Work?

Before we jump into the eight quick tips for improved landing page optimization (provided by AdsBridge.com), here’s a quick summary on what landing pages are and why they work so well. A landing page is the pre-sell page that a user is sent to before hitting the actual advertiser or sign up page. Such pages are often used to pre-sell any type of product, service or lead generation.

If you Google any website or brand name and add the words “landing page” then do an image search, you will see a lot of different examples come up. To show you an example of what you might see, here are some of the results for “eharmony landing pages”. These landing pages may or may not have been used by eharmony.com directly, but also their site partners and affiliates.

eHarmony Landing Pages

I used eharmony.com as an example, as they are in the dating niche and that’s where many online marketers have been able to find the best results with landing pages and optimization.

Instead of sending traffic directly to the main page of a dating site, you can target your demographic audience and peak their interests by serving advertising that is most relevant to them. For example, you would likely see a much higher conversion rate if you were to target ‘single males living in New York City” with a landing page that had the headline “Meet Single Women Living in NYC” versus sending them to a generic registration page that doesn’t specifically apply to them.

Improve Your Landing Page Optimization with these Quick Tips

Creating a landing page is easy. Mastering the art of continually improving your conversions isn’t as easy. To maximize conversions and revenue across your ad campaigns, be sure to implement the following optimization tips in your landing pages.

  1. Have a Clear Call to Action
    – The call to action on your page should be the main focus for your audience to act upon.
  2. Use Less Text vs. More Text
    – When using landing pages, it’s best to use less than cluttering up the page with a lot of content.
  3. Keep Your Page Clean
    – Try to keep your landing page as simple and direct as possible. You want the end user to simply take action.
  4. Pick the Best Images
    – Pictures tell a thousand words. Make sure the images you use are giving the right message.
  5. Bullet Points for Key Takeaways
    – Highlight benefits and features with bullet points to get your point across, while also not taking up too much space.
  6. Use Contrasting Colors
    – Colors trigger different emotions depending on your audience and how they are used. Don’t just pick random colors that look nice, research what they mean.
  7. Have a Sense of Urgency
    – The best way to get your audience to take action, is to give them a time sensitive offer. This can be done through words like “Limited Time” or having a countdown clock.
  8. Remove Distractions and Navigation
    – The last thing you want is for someone to come to your landing page and then leave. Remove any outbound links or distractions that might pull away from their main CTA focus.

To learn more about landing pages and optimization, I also recommend the following resources:

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