9 Apps to Guarantee a ‘Well Done’ Thanksgiving Feast – Pun Intended

November 25, 2013

1:00 pm

The holidays around my house are a time for family and friends, but more importantly, a time for culinary exploration. I love manning the kitchen and the craziness that surrounds getting every item of food perfectly prepared, but I also love to spice things up and try new things to wow the big crowds.

On Christmas Eve I find myself cooking dinner for everybody, and I usually go crazy with the freedom: last year was friend chicken and waffles. Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is a bit more restrictive; there are certain flavors, spices, and colors that people expect to see in their foods.

Be that as it may, there are still plenty of options available to run wild and try awesome, new Thanksgiving ideas this year. If you want to stick to the classics, why not make them professional, gourmet levels? Either way, elevate your culinary game with these fine 9 apps this year:

Appetites’ Easy as Pie (iOS, $19.99): For most people, Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without pie: pecan, pumpkin, or apple. This app features Evan Kleiman, a true culinary master, to help you create 20 different homemade pies, doughs, and toppings.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas (Android, free): If you’re like me, then the aforementioned app will have no value because I immensely dislike holiday pies, especially pumpkin. I’ve actually made a push within my family to offer alternative desserts on Thanksgiving, and this year we are doing cupcakes: you’ll love the turkey-decorated cupcakes, complete with candy corn faces and tails.

Food52 Hotline (iOS / web, free): A good rule of thumb while cooking is to never wing it. The Food52 Hotline is a 24/7 service, powered by the Food52 community, that features instant answers to your pressing questions. How do I make last-minute gravy? Don’t panic, you’re covered this year.

Food Network in the Kitchen (cross platform, free): My personal go-to app for anything food oriented. The Food Network app is perfect for getting top grade, professional recipes from your favorite chefs. With chefs like Alton Brown, Giada De Laurnetiis, and Robert Irvine on your side, culinary mastery is within your grasp.

Delectable Wine (iOS, free): Of course what is Thanksgiving without wine? Delectable Wine will elevate your entire holiday wine experience to a new level. Share your wine with friends, never forget the name of that amazing red you just drank, or chronicle your good times with friends, family, and wine in your personal journal.

WS – Wine and Cellar (Android, free): Android users guide your wine purchases based off of over 900,000 wine ratings, reviews, and prices. Go exploring and try a Malbec or Syrah with turkey, two of my favorites. Either way, don’t settle for boring or bad wine this year.

Bread Recipes (Android, free): Store bought bread is bland. For the health, gluten intolerant, or fun loving chefs, making your own bread can be wonderful and exciting. If you think the smell of a roasting turkey is incomparable on Thanksgiving, you haven’t smelled the aromas of freshly baked bread in your kitchen. Warning: people will drool on your floor.

Bing Food & Drink App (Windows 8, free): In the spirit of holiday inclusion, I thought I’d bring in a Windows 8 app. Powered by Bing’s comprehensive search engine, this app can help you manage all of your recipes, learn new Thanksgiving cooking techniques, and plan your whole cooking schedule out to a T.

LeftoverSwap (iOS, free): We all love Thanksgiving leftovers, but after a week that cranberry sauce might not look so appealing, and you just wish you had more stuffing. Maybe there are people out there with too much stuffing who wish they had cranberries. This year, swap your leftovers to ditch the stuff you don’t like and stock up on the stuff you love.

Let the feasting begin!


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