How Your Startup Can Get Most Out of Social Media?

November 19, 2017

6:48 pm

Social Media is a boon for your Startup if you can get most out of it. You need the power of social media for your startup no matter you are just starting or already have lots of audiences. The more people you can reach on social media platforms, the more sales you will get for your startup.

Social Media has changed a lot from just fun things to the effective tool to reach people, customer and help them with your startup. You can offer new services, products and give personalized support to people using a power of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Everyone is using social media but not all are getting good success. Your success depends on your efforts that you need to make in the right direction only. So let me help you with 7 kickass tips to get most out of social media for your startup.

7 Kickass Tips to Get Most Out of Social Media for Your Startup

Create Attractive Social Media Profiles and Pages

When you start any start-up, the first thing you need to do is the creation of attractive profiles and pages over social media sites. You need be a bit serious while creating profiles and pages. Most people fail here as they don’t make attractive profiles and pages. You just need to keep the good cover photo, profile photo and description while making any social media profile.

Make sure you fill every single detail about your startup wherever it is necessary. It will help your audience to know more about you and your startup easily.

Know Your Audience

Once you are done with profile creation for each social media site, the next step is to know your audience. You should have a clear understanding of your audience. You can get details using insights from your profile and pages. Each social media site provides audience insights. You can get details of audience like dislike, interest and many other things from there. These are a very important thing to reach people with your startup products.

Engage More

Your social media profiles and pages should get massive engagement on social media. Without audience engagement, your profile and pages will not do anything for your startup. You need lots of engagement on them and massive engagement can only be achieved if you keep working for your profiles and pages.

Once you have a good understanding of your audience, you can engage with them easily. You can talk with them, ask questions, create polls and give them the best suitable solutions. This can be soft marketing of your startup products if you can do it smartly.

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Direct Audience to Your Website

The end goal of any startup is to sell more products and solution. You can easily achieve that goal by driving audience from social media to your website. You need to have loyal followers on your social media sites. It takes a time to build followers but once you make some good number of followers, you can get massive traffic for your site. You just need to convert them to your customer.

Promote good services and products under your startup. Have some good site which can attract people and drive your audience from social media sites towards your startup products.

Focus on Your Best Platform More

You need to focus more on a platform which works best for you. You cannot expect same success on each platform. Success depends on your skills, your followers and many other things. If you can write effectively in just 140 words then Twitter is the best for you but if you can’t then you should focus on other platforms. Start with all platform initially and keep checking your success rate.

Depending on success rate, decide the best platform for your startup and promote your services there. Let me be more clear here. I am not saying to leave social media platform that is giving less success. You should improve your reach on such platforms as well.

Use Social Media Tools for Automation

You can’t afford to delay in the posts over social media and at the same time, you can’t afford to give your whole time for social media only. So here is the best solution to this issue: Use social media tools for automation.

There are many tools like HootSuite, IFTTT and butter that you can use for automation. You just need to schedule all your posts in any one tool. It will post on predefined time on each social media platform. That way, you can save your lots of time and efforts. Schedule all your post in advance and enjoy social media success.

Use Your Voice

This is the best advice for any startup. You should use your voice while posting on social media. Make a unique post for publishing. Don’t just go for copy and paste method. No one can get success from it. Copy and paste method works for a short time only. Always focus on long term success. Speak your voice and get good success.

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Social Media success is very important for any startup. Make sure you get lots of engagement on all of your posts. So that you can convert your audience into your customers easily. You just need to be smart and put continuous efforts in the right direction. Rest is easy.

Follow all the above tips to get high reach, engagement and sales for your startup. Let me know if you need any help further. Share your thoughts via comment box too.

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